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  • 2017-Law Library Docs - Artificial Intelligence(AI)-Facebook’s artificial intelligence (AI) research program announced that its “chatbots” not only developed their own language, but also figured out a way to deceive the humans, which prompted a social media scuffle between tech billionaire Elon Musk and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg over the potential dangers of AI. Donald Trump inaugurates the 45th Presidency of the United States on January 20, 2017.
  • 2018-Law Library Docs - #Me Too Movement- A Pennsylvania judge sentenced Bill Cosby to three to 10 years in prison after his conviction for aggravated indecent assault of Andrea Costand, the only one of more than 60 women who accused Cosby of sexual misconduct to see her case lead to criminal charges.
  • 2019-Law Library Docs - ABOLITION OF ARTICLE 370 OF INDIAN CONSTITUTION-The Vice President of India, Shri M. Venakaih Naidu has said that abrogation of article 370 was welcomed by people cutting across all political lines in the country. Participating in the 35th Foundation Day celebrations of Prabhat Khabar, a Hindi daily, in Ranchi, Jharkhand today, the Vice President said the need of the hour was to protect India’s unity, integrity and sovereignty of the country. “As regards to the country’s unity and integrity, we all should speak in one voice,” he added. Indian VP Naidu expressed happiness that both the houses of Parliament passed the resolution after a thorough discussion. While it was passed with – 2/3rd majority in Rajya Sabha, it secured the support of - 4/5th members of Lok Sabha. ‘’It speaks about the wishes of the people of the country and that is the mood of the country’ he added. The Vice President said that there was a need for the younger generation of the country to know about Article 370 and its constitutional history. Pointing out that Article 370 was a temporary and transient provision, the Vice President mentioned that way back in 1964, MPs cutting across party lines including those from ruling party almost unanimously supported a non official resolution seeking its abrogation.
  • 2020-Law Library Docs - COVID-19 FLUE ATTACK WAS THE DOMINANT ISSUE FOR THE YEAR OF 2020-VACCINE WAS DISCOVERED-The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended 0.14 samples per day per 1000 or 140 tests per day per million population. As on 19th September, 2020 India is conducting COVID -19 tests at a rate of 875 tests/million population per day. This is more than 6 times the WHO recommendations. For Tamil Nadu this stands at 1145 tests per million population per day.

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