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School system under the Basic Law of Federal Republic of Germany

The right to establish private schools shall be guaranteed. Private schools that serve as alternatives to state schools shall require the approval of the state and shall be subject to the laws of the Länder. Such approval shall be given when private schools are not inferior to the state schools in terms of their educational aims, their facilities or the professional training of their teaching staff and when segregation of pupils according to the means of their parents will not be encouraged thereby. Approval shall be withheld if the economic and legal position of the teaching staff is not adequately assured.

Arthur Schopenhauer on Reading and Books

It would be a good thing to buy books if one could also buy the time to read them; but one usually confuses the purchase of books with the acquisition of their contents. To desire that a man should retain everything he has ever read, is the same as wishing him to retain in his stomach all that he has ever eaten. He has been bodily nourished on what he has eaten, and mentally on what he has read, and through them become what he is. As the body assimilates what is homogeneous to it, so will a man retain what interests him; in other words, what coincides with his system of thought or suits his ends.

US presidential proclamation designating 18/04/78 as “Education Day”

Whereas world Jewry marked in 1977 the seventy-fifth birthday of the revered and renowned Jewish leader, the head of the worldwide Lubavitch Movement, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, who proclaimed on that occasion a “Year of Education*’; and Whereas the seventy-sixth birthday of this celebrated spiritual leader will occur on April 18, 1978, thus concluding the year of Lubavitch Movement activities dedicated to the “Year of Education” and the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s milestone birthday

Educational policy of Turkmenistan

The “Law on Education” was adopted in the framework of the large scale support given by the state. The intensive construction of new children’s preschool establishments, secondary schools and higher educational institutions is carried out throughout the country.

New Zealand government directions on the education system-13/11/2020

The Education and Training Act 2020 sets out legal requirements for early learning services, schools and kura. The Statement of National Education and Learning Priorities (NELP) and the Tertiary Education Strategy (TES) support the Act by expressing the priorities for early learning, schooling, tertiary education, training and lifelong learning. The NELP and TES will help education providers to give effect to the changes required in the Act.

Types of Research-UGC Guidance


Fundamental research is also known as pure research, theoretical research or basic research. It belongs to the domain of fundamental, intellectual, natural problem and queries and hence is quite theoretical in nature and approach.  Old Hellenic dicta,  “gathering of knowledge for knowledge’s sake is termed pure or basic research” i.e studies conducted to achieve a fuller understanding of a phenomena without considering of how their findings will be applied belongs to basic research. Its major preoccupation lies with designing the tools of analysis and with discovering universal laws and theories.