On Education-Mikhail Bakunin-1869

In society as presently constituted, the advances of science have been at the root of the relative ignorance of the proletariat, just as the progress of industry and commerce have been at the root of its relative impoverishment. Thus, intellectual progress and material progress have contributed in equal measure towards the exacerbation of the slavery of the proletariat. Meaning what? Meaning that we have a duty to reject and resist that bourgeois science, just as we have a duty to reject and resist bourgeois wealth. And reject and resist them in this sense - that in destroying the social order which turns it into the preserve of one or of several classes, we must lay claim to it as the common inheritance of all the world.

School Education Quality Index SEQI- NITI Aayog-2021

StatesEducation IndexBase year ranksReference year ranksChange in base year to reference year rankingsBase yearReference yearKerala77.6482.1711-Tamil Nadu63.1673.3522-Haryana51.0469.5483Up  5Gujarat52.3563.0164Up  2Himachal Pradesh58.1262.7845Down  1Maharashtra58.6462.5536Down  3Odisha47.7860.23137Up  6Rajasthan51.2559.4378Down  1Punjab50.7459.0699-Assam39.2856.121510Up  5Andhra Pradesh48.4256.081111-Chhattisgarh48.454.941212-Karnataka56.5652.95513Down  8Uttarakhand49.4848.151014Down  4Madhya Pradesh44.4247.241415Down  1Jammu & Kashmir34.7947.141616-Uttar Pradesh32.8146.451817Up  1Telangana34.739.021718Down  1Bihar3037.31919-Jharkhand28.4830.652020- NOTE: West Bengal Failed to Supply School Education Dada to NITI

Aims of Education- Alfred North Whitehead-1916

What we should aim at producing is men who possess both culture and expert knowledge in some special direction. Their expert knowledge will give them the ground to start from, and their culture will lead them as deep as philosophy and as high as art. We have to remember that the valuable intellectual development is self-development, and that it mostly takes place between the ages of sixteen and thirty.

An Essay on Modern Education-Jonathan Swift-1740

The current opinion prevails, that the study of Greek and Latin is loss of time; that public schools, by mingling the sons of noblemen with those of the vulgar, engage the former in bad company; that whipping breaks the spirits of lads well born; that universities make young men pedants; that to dance, fence, speak French, and know how to behave yourself among great persons of both sexes, comprehends the whole duty of a gentleman.

Arthur Schopenhauer on Education

No child under the age of fifteen should receive instruction in subjects which may possibly be the vehicle of serious error, such as philosophy, religion, or any other branch of knowledge where it is necessary to take large views; because wrong notions imbibed early can seldom be rooted out, and of all the intellectual faculties, judgment is the last to arrive at maturity. The child should give its attention either to subjects where no error is possible at all, such as mathematics, or to those in which there is no particular danger in making a mistake, such as languages, natural science, history and so on.


REGULATORY GUIDELINES FOR HOSTEL OF EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS FOR CHILDREN  CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION (1) Title and Scope of the Guidelines a) These guidelines may be called "Regulatory Guidelines for hostel of educational institutions for children". b) These guidelines shall apply to…