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What one can learn : Business Foundations  Accounting and Financial Reporting Business Communication Business Leadership and Human Values Corporate Finance Economics for Decision Making Investments Statistical Analysis Functional Core  Computational Finance Continuous-Time […]

Subjects for learning as per Chhandogyo Upanishad

विज्ञानं वाव ध्यानाद्भूयः विज्ञानेन वा ऋग्वेदं विजानाति यजुर्वेद सामवेदमाथर्वणं चतुर्थमितिहासपुराणं पञ्चमं वेदानां वेदं पित्र्यम्राशिं दैवं निधिं वाकोवाक्यमेकायनं देवविद्यां ब्रह्मविद्यां भूतविद्यां क्षत्रविद्यां नक्षत्रविद्यांसर्पदेवजनविद्यां [ Total 19 subjects] दिवं च पृथिवीं च वायुं चाकाशं चापश्च तेजश्च […]

Career education

The term “career education” means organized educational programs offering a sequence of courses which are directly related to the preparation of individuals in paid or unpaid employment in current or emerging occupations […]


The Baccalauréat[(French secondary school diploma/ high-school degree] is a state diploma awarded to pupils in their final lycée year. Higher Secondary[12th Standard] in India. This programme leads to a Bachelor’s degree. It is […]

A regius professor

A regius professor is literally a king’s professor and holds a chair that, historically, was endowed by a monarch. Regius professorships are generally considered the highest status of a professorship in the […]

The Senate of University

The Senate is responsible  for academic governance and especially for regulating: the admission of students the curriculum academic standards the award of degrees and other qualifications The Senate is chaired by the […]

The University Court

The University Court members majority of whom are lay and is chaired either by the Chancellor or, in her/his absence, the Pro-Chancellor. It is not involved in the University’s decision-making processes, but […]