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Jurisdiction and Power of High Courts


  1. High Courts for States.
  2. High Courts to be courts of record.
  3. Constitution of High Courts.
  4. Appointment and conditions of the office of a Judge of a High Court.
  5. Application of certain provisions relating to Supreme Court to High Courts.
  6. Oath or affirmation by Judges of High Courts.
  7. Restriction on practice after being a permanent Judge.
  8. Salaries, etc., of Judges.
  9. Transfer of a Judge from one High Court to another.
  10. Appointment of acting Chief Justice.
  11. Appointment of additional and acting Judges.

224A. Appointment of retired Judges at sittings of High Courts.

225- Jurisdiction of existing High Courts.

226. Power of High Courts to issue certain writs.

227.  Power of superintendence over all courts by the High Court.

228.         Transfer of certain cases to High Court.

229.         Officers and servants and the expenses of High Courts.

230.         Extension of jurisdiction of High Courts to Union territories.

231.         Establishment of a common High Court for two or more States.



233.         Appointment of district judges.

233A.      Validation of appointments of, and judgments, etc., delivered by, certain district judges.

234.         Recruitment of persons other than district judges to the judicial service.

235.         Control over subordinate courts.

236.         Interpretation.

Application of the provisions of this Chapter to certain class or classes of magistrates.

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