Five Year B. A. LL. B. (Hons.) Course

Semester I
Paper 1.1 General English-I
Paper 1.2 Political Science I
Paper 1.3 Economics-I
Paper 1.4 Sociology I
Paper 1.5 Torts and Consumer Protection Law
Paper 1.6 Law of Contract-I
Semester II
Paper 2.1 General English-II
Paper 2.2 Political Science II
Paper 2.3 Economics-II
Paper 2.4 Sociology-II
Paper 2.5 Special Contract
Paper 2.6 Family Law-I

Semester III

Paper 3.1 General English-III
Paper 3.2 Political Science-III
Paper 3.3 Economics-III
Paper 3.4 Sociology-III
Paper 3.5 Constitutional Law-I
Paper 3.6 Family Law-II

Semester IV
Paper 4.1 Political Science-IV
Paper 4.2 Constitutional Law II
Paper 4.3 Law of Crimes-I
Paper 4.4 Human Rights Law and Practice
Paper 4.5 Legal Method and Indian Legal System
Paper 4.6 Property Law including Transfer of Property and Easement Act
Semester V

Paper 5.1 Political Science-V
Paper 5.2 Administrative Law
Paper 5.3 Criminal Procedure Code
Paper 5.4 Gender Justice and Feminist Jurisprudence
Paper 5.5 Public International Law
Paper 5.6 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

Semester VI

Paper 6.1 Political Science VI
Paper 6.2 Jurisprudence
Paper 6.3 Law of Evidence
Paper 6.4 Land Laws including Tenure and Tenancy System
Paper 6.5 I. P. R. Management
Semester VII
Paper 7.1 Arbitration, Conciliation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems
Paper 7.2 Civil Procedure Code & Limitation Act I
Paper 7.3 Information Technology Law
Paper 7.4 Juvenile Justice
Paper 7.5 Local Self Government

Semester VIII
Paper 8.1 Principles of Taxation Laws
Paper 8.2 Civil Procedure Code II
Paper 8.3 Direct Tax
Paper 8.4 Indirect Tax
Paper 8.5 Professional Ethics & Professional Accounting System-Clinical Paper (Internal)
Semester IX
Paper 9.1 Labour & Industrial Laws II
Paper 9.2 Private International Law
Paper 9.3 Interpretation of Statutes
Paper 9.4 Environmental Law
Paper 9.5 Drafting, Pleading and Conveyance
Semester X
Paper 10.1 Health Law
Paper 10.2 Insurance Law
Paper 10.3 Labour & Industrial Laws II
Paper 10.4 Company Law
Paper 10.5 Moot Court Exercise & Internship.

Three Year LL. B. Course
Semester I
Paper 1.1 Law of Tort including Motor Vehicle Accident and Consumer Protection Law
Paper 1.2 Law of Contract
Paper 1.3 Constitutional Law I
Paper 1.4 Family Law-I
Paper 1.5 Law of Crimes (IPC)

Semester II

Paper 2.1 Special Contract
Paper 2.2 Property Law
Paper 2.3 Constitutional Law-II
Paper 2.4 Family Law-II
Paper 2.5 Law of Crimes-II (CrPC)

Semester III

Paper 3.1 Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act
Paper 3.2 Administrative Law
Paper 3.3 Environmental Law
Paper 3.4 Law of Evidence
Paper 3.5 Labour and Industrial Laws-I

Semester IV
Paper 4.1 Jurisprudence
Paper 4.2 Public International Law
Paper 4.3 Labour and Industrial Laws-II
Paper 4.4 Principles of Taxation Laws
Paper 4.5 Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing

Semester V

Paper 5.1 Land System and Land Laws
Paper 5.2 International Economic Law
Paper 5.3 Intellectual Property Law
Paper 5.4 Law of Insurance
Paper 5.5 Banking Laws including Negotiable Instrument Act
Semester VI

Paper 6.1 Indirect Taxes
Paper 6.2 Professional Ethics and Professional Accounting System
Paper 6.3 Moot Court Exercise and Internship
Paper 6.4 Company Law
Paper 6.5 Direct Taxes.

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