Lucknow university 3 years LLB Syllabus

LL.B.(Three years course) (First Year) Ist Semester Paper I Jurisprudence-I Unit –I: Introduction Nature and scope of Jurisprudence Need for study of Jurisprudence Linkage between Jurisprudence and other sciences Unit – II: Schools of Jurisprudence Natural Law with Indian Perspective Analytical Positivism, Pure Theory, Legal Realism Historical Jurisprudence Unit – III: School of Jurisprudence-II Sociological… Read More Lucknow university 3 years LLB Syllabus

Calcutta University B .A. LL.B. 5 Years Degree Course 

Semester  Paper  Subject FIRST SEMESTER : Paper –I: English – I Paper –II: Political Science – I Paper –III: Sociology -I Paper –IV: General Principles of Contract Paper –V: Family Law –I THIRD SEMESTER : Paper –I: Political Science – III Paper -II: Sociology -III Paper –III: Economics – I Paper –IV: Legal Method Paper… Read More Calcutta University B .A. LL.B. 5 Years Degree Course 


DETAILED SYLLABUS OF 3 YEAR LL.B(HONS.) COURSE w.e.f. 2014-2016 Session SEMESTER – I JURISPRUDENCE Paper – 3.1.1 Total Marks – 80 1. Definition, meaning, nature, classification, and value of Jurisprudence, Meaning of law, Relationship between law and Morality 2. Legal theories – Analytical Theory, American Realism, Natural Law theories, Pure theory of Law, Sociological theories, Historical… Read More BURDWAN UNIVERSITY 3 YEARS LLB SYLLABUS

Utkal University LLM Syllabus

2018   LLM Pre-Ph.D Core Subjects (CS)  for 1st Semester  LLM-CS-01-P-I            Law & Social Transformation in India LLM-CS-02-P-II         New Dimensions in Indian Constitution LLM-CS-03-P-III         Judicial Process LLM-CS-04-P-IV         Legal Education System in India LLM-CS-05-P-V          Presentation (PPT) (Internal) Core Subjects (CS) for 2nd Semester CS-06    LLM-CS-06-P-VI      Law and Social Engineering in India CS-07    LLM-CS-07-P-VII     Indian Constitutional Law: The New… Read More Utkal University LLM Syllabus