Calcutta University LLM Syllabus

LL.M. COURSE Duration The Master of Laws (L.L.M) is a full time 2 years course. Classes The classes are held during normal working hours.  LL.M- I  Paper-I: Advance Jurisprudence Paper II: Judicial Process Paper -III: Trends in Indian Constitutional Paper-IV: Legal Education and Research Methodology Paper-V: Law and Society in India Paper-VI: Practical PART – II (SECOND YEAR)Group – A (Business Law)   Paper -I: … Continue reading Calcutta University LLM Syllabus


LAW LIBRARY SYLLABUS FOR 3 Years LL.B. COURSE  UNDER F.M. UNIVERSITY LLB 1st Semester Total Marks – 500 Paper – I Jurisprudence (Compulsory ) Marks – 100 Paper –II Law Of Contract-I (Compulsory ) Marks – 100 Paper –III Law Of Crimes – IPC (Compulsory ) Marks – 100 Paper – IV Code Of Criminal Procedure (Compulsory ) Marks – 100 Paper – V Constitutional … Continue reading SYLLABUS FOR 3 YEARS LL.B. COURSE OF BALASORE LAW COLLEGE [ODISHA]

Lucknow university 3 years LLB Syllabus

LL.B.(Three years course) (First Year) Ist Semester Paper I Jurisprudence-I Unit –I: Introduction Nature and scope of Jurisprudence Need for study of Jurisprudence Linkage between Jurisprudence and other sciences Unit – II: Schools of Jurisprudence Natural Law with Indian Perspective Analytical Positivism, Pure Theory, Legal Realism Historical Jurisprudence Unit – III: School of Jurisprudence-II Sociological Jurisprudence with Indian Perspective Administration of Justice Civil and Criminal … Continue reading Lucknow university 3 years LLB Syllabus

Calcutta University B .A. LL.B. 5 Years Degree Course 

Semester  Paper  Subject FIRST SEMESTER : Paper –I: English – I Paper –II: Political Science – I Paper –III: Sociology -I Paper –IV: General Principles of Contract Paper –V: Family Law –I THIRD SEMESTER : Paper –I: Political Science – III Paper -II: Sociology -III Paper –III: Economics – I Paper –IV: Legal Method Paper –V: Law of Torts including Motor Vehicles Accident and Consumer … Continue reading Calcutta University B .A. LL.B. 5 Years Degree Course 


COURSE STRUCTURE LL.B (Hons.) Degree shall be awarded to candidates on successful completion of six semesters. In six semesters, there shall be 36 papers with 6 papers in each semester carrying 100 murks. The course structure of the programme will have courses of 216 credits in six semesters.                Number given at the right side is for credit Semester – I … Continue reading UTKAL UNIVERSITY 3 YEARS LLB SYLLABUS


DETAILED SYLLABUS OF 3 YEAR LL.B(HONS.) COURSE w.e.f. 2014-2016 Session SEMESTER – I JURISPRUDENCE Paper – 3.1.1 Total Marks – 80 1. Definition, meaning, nature, classification, and value of Jurisprudence, Meaning of law, Relationship between law and Morality 2. Legal theories – Analytical Theory, American Realism, Natural Law theories, Pure theory of Law, Sociological theories, Historical School 3. Sources of Law – Legislation, Precedents and Custom … Continue reading BURDWAN UNIVERSITY 3 YEARS LLB SYLLABUS

Utkal University LLM Syllabus

2018   LLM Pre-Ph.D Core Subjects (CS)  for 1st Semester  LLM-CS-01-P-I            Law & Social Transformation in India LLM-CS-02-P-II         New Dimensions in Indian Constitution LLM-CS-03-P-III         Judicial Process LLM-CS-04-P-IV         Legal Education System in India LLM-CS-05-P-V          Presentation (PPT) (Internal) Core Subjects (CS) for 2nd Semester CS-06    LLM-CS-06-P-VI      Law and Social Engineering in India CS-07    LLM-CS-07-P-VII     Indian Constitutional Law: The New Challenges. CS-08     LLM-CS-08-P-VIII    Administration of Justice and Judicial Process CS-09 … Continue reading Utkal University LLM Syllabus


Law Library The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT), is an all India common entrance examination, conducted on the rotational basis by 19 National Law Universities (NLUs) for admissions to their UG and PG degree programmes. CLAT for Under Graduate Students 2018 PATTERN OF QUESTION PAPERS FOR ADMISSION TO UG COURSE IN CLAT-2018 (a) Maximum Marks : 200 (b) Duration of CLAT-2017 Exam : 02:00 Hours … Continue reading COMMON LAW ADMISSION TEST [CLAT] SyllAbus