Standard weights and measures


Base unit of weights and measures.—(1) The base unit of—
(i) length shall be the metre;
(ii) mass shall be the kilogram;
(iii) time shall be the second;
(iv) electric current shall be the ampere;
(v) thermodynamic temperature shall be the kelvin;
(vi) luminous intensity shall be the candela; and
(vii) amount of substance shall be the mole.
(2) The specifications of the base units mentioned in sub-section (1), derived units and other units shall be such as may be prescribed.

6. Base unit of numeration.—(1) The base unit of numeration shall be the unit of the international form of Indian numerals.
(2) Every numeration shall be made in accordance with the decimal system.
(3) The decimal multiples and sub-multiples of the numerals shall be of such denominations and be written in such manner as may be prescribed.

7. Standard units of weights and measures.—(1) The base units of weights and measures specified in section 5 shall be the standard units of weights and measures.
(2) The base unit of numeration specified in section 6 shall be the standard unit of numeration.
(3) For the purpose of deriving the value of base, derived and other units mentioned in section 5, the Central Government shall prepare or cause to be prepared objects or equipments in such manner as may be prescribed.
(4) The physical characteristics, configuration, constructional details, materials, equipments, performance, tolerances, period of re-verification, methods or procedures of tests shall be such as may be prescribed.

8. Standard weight, measure or numeral.—(1) Any weight or measure which conforms to the standard unit of such weight or measure and also conforms to such of the provisions of section 7 as areapplicable to it shall be the standard weight or measure.
(2) Any numeral which conforms to the provisions of section 6 shall be the standard numeral.
(3) No weight, measure or numeral, other than the standard weight, measure or numeral, shall be used
as a standard weight, measure or numeral.
(4) No weight or measure, shall be manufactured or imported unless it conforms to the standards of weight or measure specified under section 8:
Provided that provisions of this section shall not apply for manufacture done exclusively for export or for the purpose of any scientific investigation or research.

18. Declarations on pre-packaged commodities.—(1) No person shall manufacture, pack, sell, import, distribute, deliver, offer, expose or possess for sale any pre-packaged commodity unless such package is in such standard quantities or number and bears thereon such declarations and particulars in such manner as may be prescribed.
(2) Any advertisement mentioning the retail sale price of a pre-packaged commodity shall contain a declaration as to the net quantity or number of the commodity contained in the package in such form and manner as may be prescribed.

25. Penalty for use of non-standard weight or measure.—Whoever uses or keeps for use any weight or measure or makes use of any numeration otherwise than in accordance with the standards of weight or measure or the standard of numeration, as the case may be, specified by or under this Act, shall be punished with fine which may extend to twenty-five thousand rupees and for the second or subsequent offence, with imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months and also with fine.

26. Penalty for alteration of weight and measure.—Whoever tampers with, or alters in any way, any reference standard, secondary standard or working standard or increases or decreases or alters any weight or measure with a view to deceiving any person or knowing or having reason to believe that any person is likely to be deceived thereby, except where such alteration is made for the correction of any
error noticed therein on verification, shall be punished with fine which may extend to fifty thousand rupees and for the second and subsequent offence with imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than six months but which may extend to one year or with fine or with both.

48. Compounding of offences.—(1) Any offence punishable under section 25, sections 27 to 39,sections 45 to 47, or any rule made under sub-section (3) of section 52 may, either before or after the institution of the prosecution, be compounded, on payment for credit to the Government of such sum as may be prescribed.