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Raising of Civic Police Volunteer force, each for Howrah and Asansol‐Durgapur Police Commissionerate.

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Howrah City Police Gazzette


The applicant should have following eligibility criteria:-

a. Resident of the area under the police station where they will be deployed.
b. Age between 20 to 30 years.(as on 1st January of the respective year of enrolment)
c. Should have passed Madhyamik standard Examination.
d. Should have represented at least School / Club level sports.
e. Should have experience as NCC Cadet / Boy Scouts / NSS Guide/ Civil Defence
Volunteers etc.
f. Should not have any criminal record against them in any police station.
g. Should be medically fit.

  1. The selected volunteers from the first panel will be deployed for 6 months & then be replaced by the volunteers selected in next panel for next 6 months with usual break.
  2. The selected volunteers will have no claim as to the employability in police other department of Govt, for such engagement.
  3. Each such volunteer will be paid an honorarium @ Rs. 141.81 (Rupees one hundred forty one and eighty one paise) per day after furnishing working statement to be certified by OC of the police station or of traffic guard where deployed.
  4. Each volunteer will be issued 2 sets of uniform at Government cost which has to be returned at the end of the service. The uniform will be designed by respective Commissioner.
  5. Each volunteer will be assigned one ID No. at the time of induction.

Any queries call 033-2666-0131, 9836610446 or send e-mail to

B. Training

  1. Each volunteer will have to undergo a 10 day’s training course at respective Police Lines of the Commissionerate.
  2. Every month, each of them will have 1 day refresher course at the respective Police Lines.
    After observing necessary selection procedure & training, such Civic Police Volunteers will be raised & deployed in different Traffic Guards & Police Stations.

C. Duties of Civic Police Volunteer Force

  1. They will assist Police in respective units for traffic management.
  2. They will assist Police in major festivals.
  3. They will assist Police regarding unauthorized parking of vehicles.
  4. They will assist Police in ensuring public safety.
  5. Any other duties / responsibilities relating to public assistance to be assigned by respective heads of unit.

D. Termination of Voluntary Service

The volunteer will be ineligible for continuing in the service on following reasons:
1. Involvement in any criminal case.
2. Display of political partisan behavior.
3. Complaints of corruption / extortion.
4. Leaving his residential address from the area concerned.
5. Leaving place of duty without permission.
6. Incapacitated or medically ineligible.
7. Completion of six months from the date of induction on usual break.
8. Any other reasonable cause to be determined by Head of unit

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