Investigation of unnatural death case by police

“When there  is denial of existing of the possibility of a natural or accidental death, then  bring it within the purview of the ‘death occurring otherwise than in normal circumstances”

Provisions in the Criminal Procedure Code

174. Police to inquire and report on suicide, etc.

(1) When the officer in charge of a police station or some other police officer specially empowered by the State Government in that behalf receives information that a person has committed suicide, or has been killed by another or by an animal or by machinery or by an accident, or has died under circumstances raising a reasonable suspicion that some other person has committed an offence, he shall immediately give intimation thereof to the nearest Executive Magistrate empowered to hold inquests, and, unless otherwise directed by any rule prescribed by the State Government, or by any general or special order of the District or Sub-divisional Magistrate, shall proceed to the place where the body of such deceased person is, and there, in the presence of two or more respectable inhabitants of the neighbourhood shall make an investigation, and draw up a report of the apparent cause of death, describing such wounds, fractures, bruises, and other marks of injury as may be found on the body, and stating in what manner, or by what weapon or instrument (if any); such marks appear to have been inflicted. Continue reading “Investigation of unnatural death case by police”

Pakistan Police Organisation

Ministry of Interior 2. National Police Bureaue 3. Punjab Police 4. Sindh Police 5. Islamabad Police 6. KP Police 7. Balochistan Police 8. Gilgit-Baltistan Police 9. AJ & K Police 10. NH & M Police 11. Railways Police 12. Frontier Constabulary 13. National Police Academy 14. National Police Foundation 15. Intelligence Bureau 16. NFSA 17. Federal Investigation Agency 18. NACTA 19. NFSA Government of pakistan … Continue reading Pakistan Police Organisation

The Police Regulations 2003 [UK]

KEYWORDS:- POLICE REGULATION-UK- UNITED KINGDOM- 2018 JANUARY EDITION -Introductory Text- STATUTORY INSTRUMENTS 2003 No. 527 POLICE, ENGLAND & WALES The Police Regulations 2003 5th March 2003-Laid before Parliament 10th March 2003-Coming into force   1st April 2003   The Secretary of State, in exercise of the powers conferred on him by section 50 of the Police Act 1996(1) and section 405 of the Greater London … Continue reading The Police Regulations 2003 [UK]


Cyber Crime PS 033-2676-8007  West Bengal Police Directorate Home Department Police Establishment Branch NABANNA, Howrah – 711 102. Control Room HWH Police Comm:- 033-2641-5614,033-2637-4761/4762 , 033-2640-4001. Ext. 229 Cyber Crime PS 033-2676-8007 Control Room HWH Police Line:- 033-2640-4008 / 033-2640-4009 EPABX P-Comm.- 033-2640-4001/4002/4003 POLICE LINE: POLICE OFFICE : RESERVE OFFICE: POLICE STATION MANAGEMENT [Click] On 01.09.2011 Howrah Police Commissionerate was created  The Commissioner: Present incumbent- Mr … Continue reading HOWRAH POLICE COMMISSIONERATE

The Eastern Frontier Rifles (West Bengal Battalion) Act, 1920

Bengal Act 2 of 1920 [31st March, 1920.] An Act to amend the law relating to the regulation of the Eastern Frontier Rifles [West Bengal Battalion]. Whereas it is expedient to amend the law relating to the maintenance of discipline among riflemen; And Whereas the previous sanction of the Governor-General has been obtained under section 79, sub-section (2), of the Government of India Act, 1915, to … Continue reading The Eastern Frontier Rifles (West Bengal Battalion) Act, 1920


  The Agency was created by NIA Act 2008 An Act to constitute an investigation agency at the National level to investigate and prosecute offences affecting the Sovereignty, Security and Integrity of India, security of State, friendly relations with foreign States and offences under Acts enacted to implement international treaties, agreements, conventions and resolutions of the United Nations, its agencies and other international organisations and for matters connected therewith … Continue reading COUNTER-TERRORISM MEASURES (DOMESTIC)