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Schemes and Provisions for Central Govt Employees

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Advance from the General Provident Fund (GPF) for pilgrimage and visiting places of eminence of all religions
Central Government Health Scheme

Central Government group Insurance scheme 1980
Children’s Education Allowance
Compensatory Allowances
Concessions when Posted to N-E Region, etc
Conduct Rules
DA and HRA
Departmental Promotion Committee
Deputation and Foreign Services
Discipline Rules

Employees’ Pension Scheme, 1995
Government Quarters
Income Tax
Joining Time
Leave Rules
Leave Travel Concession
Medical Attendance Rules
Other Allowance
Provident Funds[GPF and CPF]
Quitting Service – Other than Superannuation
Reservations and Concessions in Appointments
Resignation, Removal and Dismissal
Retirement on Superannuation
Seniority and Promotion
Travelling Allowance

Voluntary Retirement Scheme[VRS]
Welfare Measures


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