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In West Bengal Panjabi speaking Sikhs are linguistic minority against Bengali: SC


Chandana Das (Malakar) Vs. State of West Bengal & Ors-25/09/2019-
In the State of West Bengal, Sikhs are a linguistic minority vis-à-vis their language, namely, Punjabi, as against the majority language of the State, which is Bengali.

Delhi Transport Corporation Vs D. T. C. Mazdoor Congress and others – 4/09/1990

whether the employer, Statutory Corporation or instrumentality or other authority under Art. 12 of the Constitution has unbridled power to terminate the services of a permanent employee by issue of notice or pay in lieu thereof without inquiry or opportunity, in exercise of the power in terms of contract which include statutory Rules or Regulations or instructions having force of law.

Service benefits for the Judges of Fast Track Courts

In service jurisprudence, the appointments are made by employer with different nomenclature/characteristics. Appointments are made both on permanent or temporary basis against permanent post or temporary post. The appointment can also be made on adhoc basis on permanent or temporary post. There is one common feature of appointments of permanent, temporary or adhoc appointment i.e. those appointments are made against the post whether permanent or temporary.