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Supreme Court on Anticipatory Bail [Judgments]

From 2010

Jaskaran Singh vs State Of Punjab And Anr on 25 April, 2017

Sections 498A/494/406/420/120B of the Indian Penal Code-There are allegations of cruelty, harassment, fraud and the threats being given by the appellant-The second respondent in her complaint has alleged that her husband, the appellant herein, had married Karamveer Kaur during the subsistence of her marriage-It is evident that the petition filed by Karamveer Kaur under Section 9 of the Hindu Marriage Act against the appellant has been withdrawn on 24th February, 2016. The High Court has not taken into consideration the withdrawal of this petition. It is also evident that the second respondent is residing in the matrimonial home with the mother of the appellant. There are no criminal antecedents against the appellant except the present case. We are of the view that the High Court is not justified in rejecting the application of the appellant for grant of anticipatory bail- Bail granted.

The State Of Bihar And Anr vs Amit Kumar @ Bachcha Rai on 20 April, 2017

High Court, granting conditional bail to the respondent, State of Bihar is in appeal before SC-Offences under  Section 420, 465, 468, 471, 120B of Indian Penal Code, 1860-senior counsel Mr. U.R. Lalit appearing for the respondent-accused has contended that as there is no evidence of money being exchanged by the accused, there is no possibility of conviction in this case. Further learned senior counsel for respondent has vehemently argued that, except for the evidence of the co-accused, there is no evidence to establish that there was exchange of money between the respondent and other members involved in the conspiracy. Furthermore he contended that the statements of co-accused cannot be taken into account as the same is inadmissible in the eyes of law. Moreover he pointed out that the seizure of materials like rubber stamps etc, which were found in a sister premises, cannot be relied upon-A bare reading of the order impugned discloses that the High Court has not given any reasoning while granting bail. In a mechanical way, the High Court granted bail more on the fact that the accused is already in custody for a long time. When the seriousness of the offence is such mere fact that he was in jail for however long time should not be the concern of the Courts-We are conscious of the fact that the accused is charged with economic offences of huge magnitude and is alleged to be the kingpin/ring leader. Further it is alleged that the respondent-accused is involved in tampering with the answer sheets by illegal means and interfering with the examination system of Bihar Intermediate Examination 2016 and thereby securing top- it should be noted that there is no straight jacket formula for consideration of grant of bail to an accused. It all depends upon the facts and circumstances of each case-Section 439 of The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, which is the bail provision, places responsibility upon the courts to uphold procedural fairness before a person’s liberty is abridged. Although ‘bail is the rule and jail is an exception’ is well established in our jurisprudence, we have to measure competing forces present in facts and circumstances of each case before enlarging a person on bail-we cannot lose sight of the fact that the investigating agency is going to file additional charge sheet. Therefore, the respondent’s presence in the custody may be necessary for further investigation- Appeal allowed.

Rani Dudeja vs State Of Haryana on 30 March, 2017

when second application under Section 438 Cr.P.C. was filed, the High Court should have considered the same on merits. The principle of res judicata could not have operated in an application for bail.

Virupakshappa Gouda And Another vs The State Of Karnataka And Another on 28 March, 2017

Offences punishable under Sections 143, 147, 148, 323, 302, 504, 114 read with Section 149 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC)-the accused after being taken into custody, in the course of investigation preferred an application under Section 439 of the Code of Criminal Procedure Principal Sessions Judge at Raichur, which stood dismissed-Being agrieved by the aforesaid order of rejection for grant of bail, the accused-appellants moved the High Court of Karnataka.  The High Court adverted to the deadly weapons that were carried by the accused persons, the nature of injuries sustained on the vital parts by the deceased and the allegation of specific overt acts, and rejected the application- Thereafter, a second application for grant of bail was moved by the appellants before the Principal Sessions Judge at Raichur,  It was contended before the learned trial Judge that as, in the meantime, the investigation had been completed and the charge-sheet had been filed, there had been a change of circumstance and hence, they were entitled to be admitted to bail-on rejection appellants to move the High Court who rejected the same after referring to the nature of alleged assault by the accused persons, the type of injury sustained by the deceased and considering the pertinent facts did not accede to the prayer for grant of bail-Being grieved by the aforesaid order, the appellants preferred Special Leave Petition which was dismissed . The accused moved third application to session judge which was allowed – the informant moved the High court , the High Court allowed the application for cancellation of bail and set aside the order passed by the learned Additional Sessions Judge- The courts considering the bail application should try to maintain fine balance between the societal interest vis-a-vis personal liberty while adhering to the fundamental principle of criminal jurisprudence that the accused is presumed to be innocent till he is found guilty by the competent court-A bail application is not to be entertained on the basis of certain observations made in a different context. There has to be application of mind and appreciation of the factual score and understanding of the pronouncements in the field- the learned trial Judge has not been guided by the established parameters for grant of bail. He has not kept himself alive to the fact that twice the bail applications had been rejected and the matter had travelled to this Court. Once this Court has declined to enlarge the appellants on bail, endevours to project same factual score should not have been allowed. It is absolute impropriety and that impropriety call for axing of the order-the Bail appeal, being sans merit, stands dismissed. As we have dismissed the appeal, the appellants shall surrender to custody forthwith and it will be the duty of the trial Judge to see that they are taken into custody.

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