Rasputin and the Russian Revolution by Catherine Radziwill

The sinister personage called Rasputin came to acquire over public affairs in the vast empire reigned over by Nicholas II. for twenty-two years. A good many of these tales repose on nothing but imagination, but nevertheless it is unfortunately too true that it is to the conduct of the Empress, and to the part she attempted to play in the politics of the world, that the Romanoffs owe the loss of their throne.

Bulgarian Declaration of Independence (1908)

In accordance with the will of the unforgettable Tsar Liberator, on 19 February 1878 the great Russian people, who are for us like brothers, with the assistance of our good neighbors, subjects to His Majesty the King of Romania, and of the brave heroic Bulgarians, broke the chains which had tied Bulgaria, once so great and glorious, as a slave for so many centuries.

Proclamation of the Young Turks 1908

Every citizen will enjoy complete liberty and equality, regardless of nationality or religion, and be submitted to the same obligations. All Ottomans, being equal before the law as regards rights and duties relative to the State, are eligible for government posts, according to their individual capacity and their education. Non-Muslims will be equally liable to the military law.