Commonwealth of India Bill (National Convention, India) 1925

Whereas it is the desire of the Indian People to exercise anew the ancient and recognised right of Self-Government, enjoyed by their ancestors from time immemorial, and to recognise H.I.M. the King-Emperor as their Sovereign and the Protector of their Commonwealth, and to provide for the exercise of that right from the village upwards in each successive area of wider extent, to be earned by character, or public service:

What is an Anarchist?

without arming yourself with an exaggerated optimism, you can step off the main roads, withdraw to a great height, question yourself, look into yourself for the roots of our own malaise. We address ourselves to those not satisfied with the current society, to those who are thirsty for real life, for real activity and find only the artificial and the unreal around them.

Mein Kampf (My Struggle) by Adolf Hitler-1925

If, in the world of our present parliamentary corruption, it becomes more and more aware of the profoundest essence of its struggle, feels itself to be the purest embodiment of the value of race and personality and conducts itself accordingly, it will with almost mathematical certainty some day emerge victorious from its struggle. Just as Germany must inevitably win her rightful position on this earth if she is led and organized according to the same principles.

Hague Agreement -1925

Considering article 15 of the Convention of International Union of March 20, 1883 for the protection of industrial property, revised in Brussels on December 14, 1900 and in Washington on June 2, 1911,