British Queen’s Speech at Parliament-11/05/2021

Legislation will increase sentences for the most serious and violent offenders and ensure the timely administration of justice. Proposals will be brought forward to address violence, including against women and girls, and to support victims. Measures will be brought forward to establish a fairer immigration system that strengthens the United Kingdom’s borders and deters criminals who facilitate dangerous and illegal journeys.

Monthly Summary of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas for the month of February 2021

Monthly Summary of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas for the month of February 2021. 1. On 16th February 2021, Hon’ble Minister for Petroleum & Natural Gas addressed anaugust gathering at the joint conference of the 11th World PetroCoal Congress…

Summary of Judicial Activity of Constitutional Court of Romania in 2021

The Court’s power with regard to the resolution of constitutional legal conflicts between public authorities also shows a major decrease in referrals, i.e. from 6 applications in 2020 to only 2 in 2021. In this situation too, due to the quality of the legal subjects lodging these types of referrals to the Court pursuant to Articles 146 a) and Article 146 e) respectively, a return to standards of normality can be noted, reflecting an active but balanced political scene in the process of appealing to the mechanism for triggering constitutionality review.

Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic-2021

We, the People of the Kyrgyz Republic, aspiring to secure the national revival of the Kyrgyz, the protection and development of interests of representatives of all nationalities, who together with the Kyrgyz form the people of Kyrgyzstan, following our ancestors precepts to live in unity, peace and concord; confirming our adherence to human rights and freedoms and the idea of national statehood; filled with a determination to develop an economy, political and legal institutions and a culture which provide appropriate living standards for everyone; proclaiming our adherence to national ethnic traditions and to moral principles common to all mankind; desiring to establish ourselves among peoples of the world as a free and democratic civil society; through our authorized representatives, hereby adopt this Constitution.

RBI Scale Based Regulation: A Revised Regulatory Framework for NBFCs-22/10/2021

Regulatory structure for NBFCs shall comprise of four layers based on their size, activity, and perceived riskiness. NBFCs in the lowest layer shall be known as NBFC - Base Layer (NBFC-BL). NBFCs in middle layer and upper layer shall be known as NBFC - Middle Layer (NBFC-ML) and NBFC - Upper Layer (NBFC-UL) respectively. The Top Layer is ideally expected to be empty and will be known as NBFC - Top Layer (NBFC-TL)

Constitution of the Syrian Arab Republic-2012

The Syrian Arab Republic is proud of its Arab identity and the fact that its people are an integral part of the Arab nation. The Syrian Arab Republic embodies this belonging in its national and pan-Arab project and the work to support Arab cooperation in order to promote integration and achieve the unity of the Arab nation

Major Port Authorities Act 2021 provides regulation, operation and planning of Major Ports in India

The Major Port Authorities Act, 2021 provide for regulation, operation and planning of Major Ports in India and vests the administration, control and management of such ports upon the Boards of Major Port Authorities. The legislation empowers these ports to perform with greater efficiency on account of increased autonomy in decision making and by modernizing their institutional framework. 

Coronavirus Surveillance Ordinance – Federal Republic of Germany 2021

Laboratories and the facilities mentioned in Section 23 (3) sentence 1 of the Infection Protection Act that examine test material and isolates of pathogens in relation to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and carry out full genome sequencing of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in the Federal Republic of Germany (investigative bodies) are obliged to provide assembled full genome sequences of isolates of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 for each individual case of full genome sequencing in a form defined by the Robert Koch Institute for the purpose of monitoring the spread of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus surveillance) in pseudonymised form to the Robert Koch Institute. 

Speech by Xi Jinping at CPC and World Political Parties Summit-07/07/2021

It gives me great pleasure to join you, leaders of more than 500 political parties, political and other organisations from over 160 countries as well as the ten thousand and more representatives of political parties and various circles, at this cloud event to discuss the important question of "working for the people's wellbeing and the responsibility of political parties", just as the Communist Party of China (CPC) reaches its one hundredth anniversary. Over the past weeks, more than 600 political parties, political and other organisations from over 170 countries have sent 1500-plus congratulatory messages and letters on the CPC's centenary conveying their goodwill and best wishes. I wish to take this opportunity to express to all of you, on behalf of the Communist Party of China, our heartfelt thanks!

Statement by NATO Council in solidarity with those affected by recent malicious cyber activities including Microsoft Exchange Server compromise-19/07/2021

We observe with increasing concern that cyber threats to the security of the Alliance are complex, destructive, coercive, and becoming ever more frequent. This has been recently illustrated by ransomware incidents and other malicious cyber activity, targeting our critical infrastructure and democratic institutions, as well as exploiting weaknesses in hardware and software supply chains.