Poland Council of Ministers adopted a draft Homeland Defence Act – Higher level of funding for Polish Army-22/02/2022 

The Council of Ministers adopted a draft Homeland Defence Act. It is a response to the increasingly difficult geopolitical situation in the region. The proposed changes are aimed at strengthening the Polish army – increase in the number of soldiers to around 300,000, increase in the budget for defence, as well as technical modernisation of the army. Moreover, the Act organises regulations concerning the Polish Armed Forces.

Irish Republican Army (IRA) ‘Green Book’ (Book I and II)

The Irish Republican Army, as the legal representatives of the Irish people, are morally justified in carrying out a campaign of resistance against foreign occupation forces and domestic collaborators. All volunteers are and must feel morally justified in carrying out the dictates of the legal government; they as the Army are the legal and lawful Army of the Irish Republic which has been forced underground by overwhelming forces

The Secretary, Ministry of Defence vs Babita Puniya & Ors-17/7/2010

Courts are indeed conscious of the limitations which issues of national security and policy impose on the judicial evolution of doctrine in matters relating to the Armed forces. For this reason, we have noticed that the engagement of women in the Combat Arms has been specifically held to be a matter of policy by the judgment of the Delhi High Court and which is not in question in the present appeals.

Ex-Navy Direct Entry Artificers Association & Ors. Vs. Union of India & Ors [ALL SC 2018 MAY]

KEYWORDS: Principle of Promissory Estoppel - Reservist pension DATE: MAY 08, 2018 ACTS: Regulation 78 of the Navy (Pension) Regulations, 1964,Naval Regulations Part-III HELD: " The appellants are not entitled to count 50% of the Fleet Reserve as they were never drafted into…