आयुर्वेदसूत्रम्-Ayurveda Sutram

 ननु सर्वेषां रोगाणामामनिवृत्तिरेव तत्र भेषजमिति वक्तव्ये सति ज्वरादावामनिवृत्त्यकरणं दोषहेतुकं भवति । आमनिवृत्तिरपि लङ्घनादेव भाव्येति लङ्घनकरणमप्यावश्यकमिति ब्रह्मणा प्रतिपादितमित्याह

वाग्भट संहिता-चिकित्सस्थानम् Bāgbhatt Saṁhitā-Chikitsha Sthanam

आमाशयस्थो हत्वाऽग्नि सामो मार्गान् पिधाय यत्
विदधाति ज्वरं दोषस्तस्मात्कुर्वीत लङ्घनम् १
प्राग्रूपेषु ज्वरादौ वा बलं यत्नेन पालयन्
बलाधिष्ठानमारोग्यमारोग्यार्थः क्रियाक्रमः

माधवनिदान-Madhab Nidan

ज्वरोऽतिसारो ग्रहणी चार्शोऽजीर्णं विसूचिका
अलसश्च विलम्बी च क्रिमिरुक्पाण्डुकामलाः १
हलीमकं रक्तपित्तं राजयक्ष्मा उरःक्षतम्
कासो हिक्का सह श्वासैः स्वरभेदस्त्वरोचकः २
छर्दिस्तृष्णा च मूर्च्छाद्या रोगाः पानात्ययादयः
दाहोन्मादावपस्मारः कथितोऽथानिलामयः ३
वातरक्तमूरुस्तम्भ आमवातोऽथ शूलरुक्
पक्तिजं शूलमानाह उदावर्तोऽथ गुल्मरुक् ४

Management of Stroke through Virechana: An Ayurvedic Case Report

Stroke is a leading cause of adult neurological disability and represents an enormous health problem worldwide. It describes a clinical syndrome, which can be caused by a number of different pathologies, rather than a single disease. In Ayurveda, Pakshaghata can be compared to hemiplegia which is the presentation of stroke. In this study a case report of stroke is being presented.

Ayurveda Discipline

Academic Discipline Ras Shastra & BhaishajyaKalpana (Iatro-Chemistry) ShareerKriya (Physiology)  Maulik Siddhant (Fundamental Principles) Bala Roga (Pediatrics) SwasthaVritta (Preventive and Social Medicine) Prasuti & Stri Roga (Obstetrics &Gynaecology) Dravya Guna (Materia Medica& Pharmacology) Roga & VikritiVigyan (Pathology) Kaya Chikitsa (Internal Medicine)…

Anti-COVID-19 2-DG drug developed by DRDO was researched by Patanjali-Read the Original Research Paper

The 2-DG derivative formed a hydrogen bond with the glutamine amino acid residues of the viral spike glycoprotein. The present in silico study supports the potential benefits of using 2-DG and its glucopyranose derivative as repurposed drugs/prodrugs for mitigating the novel COVID-19 infection. Since both these moieties present no signs of serious toxicity, further empirical studies on model systems and human clinical trials to ascertain effective dose-response are warranted and should be urgently initiated.

Ayurvedic Coronil Drug is effective in Covid 19 management-study published in Phytomedicine

SARS-CoV-2 already has a different mutation in circulation and several others have been predicted based on evolutionary benefits (Korber et al., 2020; Padhi and Tripathi, 2020). The kind of epidemiological demands that might arise in case a community transmission of a milder viral strain is swiftly followed by the appearance of a virulent one can be quite challenging.

Ayurveda is closely linked with Indian culture, Nature and the environment-PM Modi

It is said: 'स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थ्य रक्षणं, आतुरस्य विकार प्रशमनं'। It means: Apart from curing existing ailments, Ayurveda also protects the overall health of the body. No wonder, that more than Rog, Ayurveda talks about Nirog. Back in the day, if someone went to a Vaidya, he or she not only got a medicine but also a few Mantras like: भोजन करें आराम से, सब चिंता को मार। चबा-चबा कर खाइए, वैद्य न आवे द्वार॥ It means: Enjoy your food, without any tension. Relish every bite of the food, chew it patiently… this way you will never have to call a Vaidyaraj home again.

Clarifications of  IMCC (PG Ayurveda Education) Amendment Regulations 2020

Clarifications with respect to the Indian Medicine Central Council (Post Graduate Ayurveda Education) Amendment Regulations, 2020 Clarifications with respect to  IMCC (PG Ayurveda Education) Amendment Regulations, 2020 Posted On: 22 NOV 2020 3:56PM by PIB Delhi Central Council of Indian…

For therapeutic management of Covid-19 positive cases, Govt approved Vasa and Guduchi Ghana

In view of the need for accelerated solutions for Covid-19, the Ministry of AYUSH has taken up systematic studies on different possible solutions through multiple channels. As part of this effort, a proposal for a clinical study to assess the role of Vasa Ghana, Guduchi Ghana and Vasa-Guduchi Ghana in therapeutic management of symptoms in Covid-19 positive cases has recently been approved.