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ऋणादान -Rina-dana

ऋणादान न० ऋणमादीयते यत्र । स्मृत्युक्ते अष्टादशविवा- दान्तर्गते व्यवहारभेदे “तेषामाद्यमृणादानमित्यादीनि अष्टादश व्यवहारपदानि मनुना दर्शितानि । तल्लक्ष- णादि नारदादिवाक्येन मिता० दर्शितं यथा “अधुनाष्टादशानां व्यवहारपदानामाद्यमृणादानपदं दर्शयति । “अशीतिभागो वृद्धिः स्यादित्यादिना मोच्य आधिस्तदुत्पन्ने प्रविष्टे द्विगुणे […]

The SARFAESI Act 2002

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The SARFAESI Act was intended to provide an additional remedy to a financial institution to recover its debts. The Statement of Objects and Reasons of the SARFAESI Act acknowledged that the existing […]

Agarwal Tracom Pvt. Ltd. Vs. Punjab National Bank & Ors-27/11/2017

It is true that the rule of exhaustion of alternative remedy is a rule of discretion and not one of compulsion, but it is difficult to fathom any reason why the High Court should entertain a petition filed under Article 226 of the Constitution and pass interim order ignoring the fact that the petitioner can avail effective alternative remedy by filing application, appeal, revision, etc. and the particular legislation contains a detailed mechanism for redressal of his grievance.