Rule 291(3)-Bombay Police Manual 3) The final report should be written up carefully by the officers incharge of the Police Station personally and should be accompanied by all the case papers numbered and indexed methodically. If the accused has been released on bail, the Magistrate should be requested to cancel the bail bond. He should also be requested to pass […]

It will be seen that the Code, as such does not use the expression ‘charge-sheet’ or ‘final report’. But is understood in the Police Manual containing Rules and Regulations, that a report by the police, filed under Section 170 of the Code, is referred to as a ‘charge-sheet’. But in respect of the reports sent under Section 169 i. e., when there is no sufficient evidence to justify the forwarding of the accused to a Magistrate, it is termed variously, in different States, as either ‘referred charge’, ‘final report’, or ‘Summary’.

The term ‘investigation’ has not been defined in the Money-Laundering Act but it has been defined in the Code. With reference to the said definition of the term ‘investigation’ appearing in the Code, it was contended on behalf of the Enforcement Directorate that the investigation as defined in the Code, only includes the proceedings for the purpose of collection of […]

Final Report The decision, in STATE OF RAJASTHAN VS. ARUNA DEVI AND OTHERS[1995 SCC (1) 1] , has, thus, two important aspects, namely, even after acceptance of the ‘final report’, ‘further investigation’, at the instance of the police, is permissible even if no permission has been formally obtained from the Magistrate and, if on completion of such an investigation too, a ‘police […]

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