Introductory Notes IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIACRIMINAL APPELLATE JURISDICTIONCRIMINAL APPEAL NO. 730 OF 2020(Arising out of SLP (Crl.) No. 9503 of 2018) Payment of Interim Maintenance The Affidavit of Disclosure of Assets and Liabilities annexed as Enclosures I, II and III of this judgment, as may be applicable, shall be filed by both parties in all maintenance proceedings, including […]

District: Aizawl IN THE COURT OF __________________________________AIZAWL DISTRICT: AIZAWL FORM No. (P) 25 Notice to show cause why Warrant of Arrest should not issue(O. 21, R. 37 of Code of Civil Procedure)____________ No. ________of 20_____ _____________________________________________________________________ ……Petitioner/Judgment holderVersus_____________________________________________________________________ …… Respondent/Judgment debtor To,___________________________________________________________________________________________________ WHEREAS ___________________________________ has made application to this court for execution of decree in suit No. ___________________ of ________ […]

I Peter Jefferson of the County of Abemarle being of perfect and sound memory (for which I bless God) Do make and Publish this my Last Will and Testament revoking & annulling all former or other Wills by me heretofore made in manner & form following that is to say Imprima I Give and devise to my Dear & Well beloved Wife Jane Jefferson for and During her Natural Life or Widdowhood

‘Agreement’ shall mean this agreement executed between the Parties, along with its schedules, annexures and exhibits, if any, and all instruments supplemental to or amending, modifying or confirming this agreement in accordance with the provisions of this agreement, if any, in each case as they may be supplemented or amended from time to time;

I ADAM GIFFORD, sometime one of the Senators of the College of Justice, Scotland, now residing at Granton House, near Edinburgh, being desirous to revise, consolidate, alter, and amend my trust-settlements and testamentary writings, and having fully and maturely considered my means and estate, and the circumstances in which I am placed, and the just claims and expectations of my son and relatives, and the modes in which my surplus funds may be most usefully and beneficially expended, and considering myself bound to apply part of my means in advancing the public welfare and the cause of truth, do hereby make my Trust-deed and latter Will and Testament

Model clause The standard clause recommended by ICC states: “All disputes arising from this contract/charter party shall be finally settled in accordance with the ICC-CMI International Maritime Arbitration Rules by one or more arbitrators appointed in accordance with the said Rules.” It is advisable to indicate the place of arbitration, the law to be applied to the issues of the […]

WEST BENGAL SOCIETIES REGISTRATION ACT, 1961 Standard template Memorandum of Association Of …………………………………. 1.  The name of the Society: 2.  The registered office address of the society: 3.   The objects of the society: [ sec. 4(2) of WBSR Act 1961] a) Promotion of literature, arts, science or religion. b)  Any charitable purpose including the care of relief of orphans or […]

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