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Religious freedom is not absolute- Govt can ban Qurbani under COVID lockdown-Allahabad HC-29/7/2020

Dr. Mohammad Ayub vs State Of U.P. And 3 Ors-It is pertinent to mention that guarantee of the Fundamental Rights has been made subject to reasonable restrictions which may be imposed by the State. The power to impose reasonable restrictions may be necessary in the interest of public order, morality and health provided the restrictions so imposed are not unreasonable and arbitrary.



If physical restraints on a person’s movements affect his personal liberty, physical encroachments on his private life would affect it in a larger degree. Indeed, nothing is more deleterious to a man’s physical happiness and health than a calculated interference with his privacy.

Personal liberty

The man without bondage

“personal liberty” is used in the Article as a compendious term to include within itself all the varieties of rights which go to make up the “personal liberties” of man other than those dealt with in the several clauses of Art. 19 (1). In other words, while Art.19 (l) deals with particular species or attributes of that freedom, “personal liberty” in Art. 21 takes in and comprises the residue

Rashid Ahmed Vs The Municipal Board, Kairana-19/05/2020


1950-Fundamental rights to carry Business and Trade.19-05-1950-The proper order in such circumstance would be to direct the respondent Board not to prohibit the petitioner from carrying on the trade of wholesale dealer and commission agent of vagetables and fruits within the limits the Municipal Board of Kairana, except in accordance with the bye-laws as and when framed in future according to law, and further to direct the respondent Municipal Board to withdraw the pending prosecution of the petitioner