Solved Question Paper in Human Rights and Duties [Multiple choice types]-2013 September

2013 September UGC NET Solved Question Paper in Human Rights and Duties Paper 2 1- Which of the following is not a Civil Right? (A) Right to Life (B) Right to Marriage (C) Right to Education (D) Right to Divorcewww-netugc-com…

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch is an American private NGO with its Headquarters at the Empire State Building in New York City, New York.


If physical restraints on a person’s movements affect his personal liberty, physical encroachments on his private life would affect it in a larger degree. Indeed, nothing is more deleterious to a man’s physical happiness and health than a calculated interference with his privacy.


By the term ‘life’ as here used something more is meant than mere animal existence. The inhibition against its deprivation extends to all these limits and faculties by which life is enjoyed.

The Court tried to read the Human RIGHTS position in the context of adverse possession , which is commendable.

In Karnataka State Financial Corporation Versus N. Narasimahaiah and OTHERS [AIR 2008 SC 1797 : (2008) 4 SCR 853 : (2008) 5 SCC 176 : JT 2008 (4) SC 183 : (2008) 4 SCALE 473] Supreme court Held : Right of property, although…