Index to the Code of Civil procedure 1908

  Abatement About Parties About Pleader Act Of Court Additional Evidence Adjournments Adjustments Admission Affidavit Aliens Amendment Amendment Of The Record Appeal Appeal From Orders Appeal Second Appealable Orders Appeals By Indigent Person Appeals From Appellate Decree Appeals To Supreme Courts Appearance Appellate Court Application Application For Execution Application Of The Code Of Civil Procedure… Read More Index to the Code of Civil procedure 1908

SCJRF [ SC 2017 JANUARY ] Index

SUPREME COURT JUDGMENT REPORTING FRAMEWORK A.V. Subramanian Vs. Union of India and ANR [JANUARY 10, 2017] Abhijit Das Vs. State of Tripura [January 20, 2017] Abhiram Singh Vs. C.D. Commachen  (Dead) by LRS. & Ors. [January 02, 2017] Agyapaul Singh Vs. State Bank of India (Samb) [January 23, 2017] Ajay Kumar Ghoshal Etc. Vs. State of Bihar & ANR. [January 31, 2017] Ajay Singh and ANR and Etc. Vs. State of Chhattisgarh and ANR.… Read More SCJRF [ SC 2017 JANUARY ] Index

Supreme Court of India Judgment Index-1991

1991 Supreme Court of India Judgment Index  January 1991 SHER SINGH V. STATE OF HARYANA & ORS [1991] – 1 (8 January 1991) GRIH KALYAN KENDRA WORKERS’ UNION V. UNION OF INDIA & ORS [1991] – 2 (9 January 1991) SUBHASH KUMAR V. STATE OF BIHAR & ORS [1991] – 3 (9 January 1991) SHIVA GLASS WORKS CO. LTD. V. ASSITANT COLLECTOR OF CENTRAL EXCISE & ORS… Read More Supreme Court of India Judgment Index-1991

Citation Index-1950[Supreme Court Judgments]

1.     C.I.T. WEST BENGAL .Vs. CALCUTTA AGENCY LTD.  DOJ :    21/12/1950      JUDGEMENT CITATION(S)       1951 AIR  108 =   1950  SCR 1008 =     2.     EXECUTORS OF THE ESTATE OF LT. COMMISSIONER J.K. DUBASH .Vs. C.I.T. BOMBAY CITY BOMBAY  DOJ :    21/12/1950      JUDGEMENT CITATION(S)       1951 AIR  111 =   1950  SCR  969 =     3.     H.P. SINGH .Vs. THAKUR PRASAD TIWARI  DOJ :    21/12/1950      JUDGEMENT CITATION(S)       1953 AIR  436 =     4.     PANNALAL JANKIDAS A FIRM .Vs. MOHANLAL … Read More Citation Index-1950[Supreme Court Judgments]

Supreme Court Index

On the 28th of January, 1950 Supreme Court came in to being.After its inauguration on January 28, 1950, the Supreme Court commenced its sittings in a part of the Parliament House. The Court moved into the present building in 1958. Chief Justice Harilal J.Kania and Justices Saiyid Fazl Ali, M. Patanjali Sastri, Mehr Chand Mahajan, Bijan… Read More Supreme Court Index