. And it is hereby enacted, that the Office of Pleader in the Court of the East India Company shall be open to all persons of whatever nation or religion, provided that no person shall be admitted a Pleader in any those Courts unless he have obtained a Certificate in such manner as shall be directed by the Sudder Courts that he is of good character and duly qualified for the Office, any Law or Regulation to the contrary notwithstanding.

Evidence Act-1841 [Government of the East India Company]

And it is hereby enacted, that it shall be lawful for any Court within the Territories under the Government of the East India Company, and the several Judges thereof, in every Civil proceeding depending in such Court, upon the application of any of the parties to such proceeding, to order the examination, upon interrogatories or otherwise, before any Officer of and such Court, or other person


And it is hereby enacted, that the superintendence of the Temple of Juggernath, and its interior economy, the conduct and management of its affairs, and the control over the Priests, Officers and Servants attached to the Temple, shall continue vested in the Rajah of Khoorda for the time being;


It is hereby enacted, that from the day of the passing of this Act, any person may hold Capital Stock of the Bank of Bengal to an amount not exceeding 1,60,000 Company’s Rupees, and that any existing Proprietor of Stock of the said Bank, may subscribe for additional Stock of the said Bank in proportion to his interest, any restriction in the Charter of the said Bank contained notwithstanding.

Gold and Silver Coinage Act 1835

And be it enacted, that these Coins shall bear on the obverse the head and the name of the reigning Sovereign of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and on the reverse the designation of the Coin in English and Persian, and the words “East India Company” in English, with such Embellishment as shall, from time to time, be ordered by the Governor General in Council.