Membership bylaws of Satellite Industry Association

The Association shall have three classes of members: Executive, Associate and Affiliate (members of the executive class hereinafter referred to as “Executive Members”; members of the associate class hereinafter referred to as “Associate Members”; members of the affiliate class herein referred to as “Affiliate Members”; and collectively the foregoing referred to as “Members”). The number of Executive Members shall be no fewer than three.

Rules and Regulations of the Ramkrishna Mission(1909)-Nothing Hindu about it!

All moneys and deposit accounts, Government Promissory Notes and other securities shall stand in the name of the Ramkrishna Mission with the name of the local centres attached to it. The local Treasurer shall have power to withdraw money and to draw interest at the requisition of the local Secretary or the local Assistant Secretary who shall quote the necessary authority in drawing the same.

Constitution of the World Health Organization- 1946

The States whose governments have been invited to send observers to the International Health Conference hold in New York, 1946, may become Members by signing or otherwise accepting this Constitution in accordance with !he provisions of Chapter XIX and in accordance with their constitutional processes provided that such signature or acceptance shall be completed before the first session of the Health Assembly.

Export-Import Bank of the United States

The Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank) was created in 1934 and established under its present law in 1945 to aid in financing and to facilitate U.S. exports. Its creation was spurred by the economic conditions of the 1930's when exports were viewed as a stimulus to economic activity and employment.

Evolution of WHO

The first World Health Assembly, held in June 1948 and attended by 53 delegates from WHO's 55 Member States, approved a programme of work that listed its top priorities as malaria, maternal and child health, tuberculosis, venereal diseases, nutrition and environmental sanitation.

Basel Committee Charter

Basel Committee Charter Updated 5 June 2018 Table of contents Purpose and role Membership Oversight Organisation BCBS standards, guidelines and sound practices Consultation with non-member authorities Relationship with other international financial bodies Public consultation process I. Purpose and role 1.…