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Gaurav Sondhi vs Diya Sondhi [DHC-3/5/2005

The grocery bill, rent payment, school fees, telephone, electricity and water dues are required to be paid on the due date and will not await the contingency of the receipt of the payment on a future date in Court. It has thus become necessary to ensure that maintenance payment to a wife/child is made at least on a regular monthly basis and defaults for no justifiable cause ought not to go scot free without sanctions.

Conjugal rights meaning

In India it may be borne in mind that conjugal rights i.e. right of the husband or the wife to the society of the other spouse is not merely creature of the statute. Such a right is inherent in the very institution of marriage itself

The Special Marriage Act, 1954

Special Marriage Act, 1954 Short title, extent and commencement Definitions Marriage officers Conditions relating to solemnization of special marriages Notice of intended marriage Marriage Notice Book and publication Objection to marriage Procedure […]