Pleading and Conveyancing-Formats

Civil Procedure Code, 1908—Order 6, Rule 2—pleadings—Absence of—Effect of—Parties going to trial with full knowledge of the issue—Absence of specific pleading is a mere irregularity which caused no prejudice.

How to write plaint for a suit

For filing a Suit in Civil Court or the Original side of the High Court or to the Supreme Court under Original Jurisdiction, it is required to file a plaint to the filing section of the court.

Mind your Language when you are drafting a pleading: MHC

TULSIRAM Vs. RAMCHARANLAL - It is a primary duty of Legal Practitioners to be jealous in guarding the prestige of Courts and in maintaining dignity, decorum and decency in Courts. Nothing, whatever should be done which may bring a proceeding to ridicule or to run a Court into a platform for controversy of any kind, except disputes relating to, rights, duties and liabilities arising from the Constitution or from the law and procedure established thereunder.

What happens when the defendant appears in Court upon the service of the of summons and never files his written statement.

Under Order 8 Rule 5 (2) of the CPC, if the defendant has not filed a pleading (which is the written statement) the Court can pronounce judgment upon the facts contained in the plaint but, the Court may require such…