Forms for Civil Pleading

APPENDICES TO THE FIRST SCHEDULE FORMS APPENDIX A PLEADINGS (1) TITLES OF SUITS IN THE COURT OFA.B. (add description and residence)... ... ... Plaintiff against C.D. (add descritption and residence) Defendant (2) DESCRIPTION OF PARTIES IN PARTICULAR CASES [The Union of Inida…

Pleading before Civil Courts

Every pleading shall contain, and contain only a statement in a concise form of the material facts on which the party pleading relies for his claim or defnece as the case may be, but not the evidence by which they are to be proved.(2) Every pleading shall, when necessary, be devided into paragraphs, numbered consecutively, each allegation being, so far as is convenient, contained in a separate paragraph.(3) Dates, sums and numbers shall be expressed in a pleading in figures as well as in words.