This Federal Law defines the basic principles and content of activities to ensure state security, public security, environmental security, personal security, other types of security provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as security, national security), the powers and functions of federal government bodies, government bodies of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, local self-government bodies in the field of security, as well as the status of the Security Council of the Russian Federation

The 58th Munich Security Conference (MSC) was held from February 18 to 20, 2022, at its usual venue in Munich, the Hotel Bayerischer Hof. Participants in the forthcoming 58th edition of the Munich Security Conference (MSC) will discuss the findings of a 180-page report titled “Turning the Tide – Unlearning Helplessness,” which warns of a mounting feeling of “helplessness” in many societies of the world in the face of a growing number of crises and conflicts

Rashtriya Raksha University [institution of national importance] Objects of Rashtriya Raksha University   The objects of the University shall be to promote global standards and to provide – (a) dynamic and high standards of learning and research; (b) working environment dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of education, research, training and scholarship of the highest quality in the domain of […]

Foreign influence operations include covert actions by foreign governments intended to sow divisions in our society, undermine confidence in our democratic institutions, and otherwise affect political sentiment and public discourse to achieve strategic geopolitical objectives. Such operations are often empowered by modern technology that facilitates malicious cyber activity and covert or anonymous communications with U.S. audiences on a mass scale from abroad.

An Act to provide for the constitution and regulation of an armed force of the Union for providing proximate security to the Prime Minister of India and the former Prime Ministers of India and members of his immediate family and for matters connected therewith

“Government security” means a security created and issued by the Government for the purpose of raising a public loan or for any other purpose as may be notified by the Government in the Official Gazette and having one of the forms mentioned in section 3; Section 3 of The Government Securities Act, 2006 3. Forms of Government securities A Government […]

In   Brij Bhusan and another Versus  The State of Delhi [(SUPREME COURT OF INDIA) AIR 1950 SC 129 : (1950) SCR 605 : (1950) CriLJ SC 1525 : (1950) SCJ 425] At this stage, it will be convenient to consider the meaning of another expression “public safety” which is used throughout the impugned Act and which is also chosen by its framers […]

“Public safety” ordinarily means security of the public or their freedom from danger. In that sense, anything which tends to prevent dangers to public health may also be regarded as securing public safety. The meaning of the expression must, however, vary according to the context. In the classification of offences in the Penal Code, for instancce, Chap. XIV enumerates the […]

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