Beer Price in West Bengal

AMSTEL Super Premium Strong Beer-Beck's Ice Superior Strength-BIRA91 BLONDE SUMMER LAGER BEER-BUDWEISER MAGNUM BEER-Carlsberg Premium Elephant Strong.-Heineken Lager Beer-Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer-Tuborg 1880 Mild Beer-Original Bira 91 White Beer

ইতিহাস : – উত্তরে উত্তরপাড়া (Uttare Uttarpara-Alak Bhattacharyya)

ক অতি সমৃদ্ধশালী প্রাচীন ঐতিহাসিক নগর, বয়সে কলকাতা মহানগরের থেকে মোটেই ছোট নয় । আচ্ছা, উত্তরপাড়া নাম কেন ? আমার নাতনি উত্তর দিলো, উত্তরে তাই উত্তরপাড়া। তা হলে, কার উত্তরে ? উত্তর আছে মানচিত্রে । হাওড়ার শেষ উত্তরে বালিগ্রাম / এখন শহর। তার লাগোয়া উত্তরে বালিখাল পেরিয়ে হুগলি জেলার প্রথম শহরটি উত্তরপাড়া। একটি অতি সুন্দর তোরণ আপনাকে স্বাগত জানাবে, ইউ আর নাও উত্তরপাড়া। ডানদিকে ঘাড়টা কাত করুন , দেখতে পাবেন গঙ্গার ওপর পারে রাণীরাসমনির সেই বিখ্যাত ভবতারিণী মন্দির, পরমাহংসদেবের লীলাক্ষেত্র।

Haqiqate Musalman-i-Bengalah :- Origin Of The Musalmans Of Bengal

It is mentioned in Chapter VII of Tanhh-i-Fenshia that in the year 600 A.H., corresponding with 1203 A.D., the first Mahommedan conquest of Bengal was effected hy Bakhtyar Khilji, under tlie guidance of Kuthubddin Aibak, the Emperor of India at that time....Mahomed Baklityar Khilji was one of the warlord of Ghor, He came to Ghazni during the reign of Sultan Ghias-ud-din Mahomed Sam, and after staying there for a short time, proceeded to India and attached iiimself to Malik Moazzam. Many former inhabitants of Ghor, Ghazni and Khorasan, who had migrated to, and taken to a roving life in, India.

Rate of Stamp Duty and Registration Fees in West Bengal

Directorate of Registration and Stamp Revenue, West Bengal is one of the oldest directorate under Government of West Bengal. Earlier the directorate was known as the Directorate of Registration. It was redesignated at its present form in the year 1994. As per available information, the earliest record on systematic registration in Presidency Division was started on 01.02.1781. Mr. Edward Tiretta was first appointed for a salary of one thousand sicca as registrar of memorials of deed affecting lands-

West Bengal Judicial Service Examination(Munsiff-Magistrate)-2021

The Commission will hold the West Bengal Judicial Service Examination,2021 for recruitment to the post of Civil Judge (Jr. Divn.) in West Bengal Judicial service. Applications can be submitted through online only on the Commission's website at [] on and from the 14th July 2021. Before applying for the post, candidates are required to enroll themselves as per'ONE TIME REGISTRATION ' scheme through the same website.

Empanelment of Govt Lawyers in West Bengal in Calcutta HC, Dist Courts and Tribunals

UPDATED 2021 Department of Legal affairs Govt of India  For West Bengal F. No. J-l 10171512020-JudicialGovernment of IndiaMinistry of Law and JusticeDepartment of Legal Affairs(Judicial Section)Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi, ORDERThe President is pleased to engage following advocates for conducting Central…

West Bengal Law Dept Manual

MANUAL – I : The particulars of the department, its functions and duties

MANUAL – II : Powers and duties of officers and employees of law department

MANUAL – III : The procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability

Review of West Bengal’s Annual 2004-05

The review meeting was held under the co-chairmanship of Shri Chandra Pal, Adviser (SP-East), Planning Commission and Shri P. Bhattacharya, Additional Chief Secretary to the Govt. of West Bengal. The list of officers both from the Planning Commission and the Government of West Bengal who attended the meeting is at Annexure III and Annexure IV respectively.

West Bengal Higher Judicial Service- English Paper-2020 (Main)

The word "religion" has not been defined in the Constitution and it is a term which is hardly susceptible of any rigid definition. In an American case [Davis v. Benson, 133 U.S.333 at 342], it has been said "that the term 'religion' has reference to one's views of his relation to his Creator and to the obligations they impose of reverence for His Being and character and of obedience to His will. It is often confounded with cultus of form or worship of a particular sect, but is distinguishable from the latter." We do not think that the above definition can be regarded as either precise or adequate.

Amendment of By-Laws of a Co-operative Society  in West Bengal

For registration of amendment of by-laws a Co-operative Society may by resolution in general meeting adopted by two-thirds of the members or delegates or representatives present but not less than one-third of the total number of members or delegates or representatives as on the register of members, or delegates or representatives on the date of issue of notice of such general meeting amend its by Laws, may apply before the Registrar with Form VIII by registered post or by hand to the Registrar within a period of sixty days from the date of adoption of resolution.