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Review of West Bengal’s Annual 2004-05

The review meeting was held under the co-chairmanship of Shri Chandra Pal, Adviser (SP-East), Planning Commission and Shri P. Bhattacharya, Additional Chief Secretary to the Govt. of West Bengal. The list of officers both from the Planning Commission and the Government of West Bengal who attended the meeting is at Annexure III and Annexure IV respectively.

West Bengal Higher Judicial Service- English Paper-2020 (Main)

The word “religion” has not been defined in the Constitution and it is a term which is hardly susceptible of any rigid definition. In an American case [Davis v. Benson, 133 U.S.333 at 342], it has been said “that the term ‘religion’ has reference to one’s views of his relation to his Creator and to the obligations they impose of reverence for His Being and character and of obedience to His will. It is often confounded with cultus of form or worship of a particular sect, but is distinguishable from the latter.” We do not think that the above definition can be regarded as either precise or adequate.

Amendment of By-Laws of a Co-operative Society  in West Bengal

For registration of amendment of by-laws a Co-operative Society may by resolution in general meeting adopted by two-thirds of the members or delegates or representatives present but not less than one-third of the total number of members or delegates or representatives as on the register of members, or delegates or representatives on the date of issue of notice of such general meeting amend its by Laws, may apply before the Registrar with Form VIII by registered post or by hand to the Registrar within a period of sixty days from the date of adoption of resolution.

Statement of HM Patil regarding incident of firing in Nandigram of WB on 14.03.2007

I was told that near two places in Nandigram area a large number of people had collected and they were objecting to the acquisition of agricultural land. They were also not allowing the construction of road and bridges to take place. They were obstructing the work that was going on over there. So, the workers were going to that place to construct the road and the bridges. They were also supported by the police. It seems that when they came close to each other some altercation took place and stones were thrown at each other.

Sri Navadvipa-VhabaTaranga by Bhaktivinoda Thakur-1880

Offering obeisances to the feet of all the devotees, I will now briefly describe Sri Navadvipa-dhama. Even the demigods headed by Lord Brahma do not know the unlimited glories of Navadvipa mandala, so who can possibly describe that dhama fully? Since the thousand-mouthed Sesa cannot describe it completely, how can I, an insignificant living entity, do so? Even Lord Siva can find no end to the unlimited glories of Navadvipa-dhama. Nevertheless, the desire of Sri Caitanya is powerful, and according to His wish the devotees have given me an order. Therefore, by the mercy of the devotees, I hereby describe the glories of Nadia

Draft Gradation List of WBJS Officers appointed as District Judge (Entry Level from 2O11 to 2O18)

I am directed to inform that the Hon’ble Court has been pleased to approve the Draft Gradation List prepared applying the 2:1:1 ratio in respect of the officers of the West Bengal Judicial Service appointed by way of three channel recruitment process from 2011 to 2018, in the cadre of District Judge (Entry Level) and direct for publishing the same inviting objections, if any, from the officers covered in the list so that such objections should reach the office of the undersigned on or before 10th December, 2O19, positively.

West Bengal Clinical Establishment (Registration, Regulation and Transparency) Rules 2017

Any person intending to commence, keep or carry on a clinical establishment (except a place used for or intended to be used for consultation and treatment by a registered medical practitioner but shall not include the set up utilized solely for the purpose of consultation and advice by the registered medical practitioner), shall have to obtain a valid license from the respective licensing authority after compliance with the terms and conditions mentioned under section 7 of the Act, and different provisions of rules applicable to such type of clinical establishment by submitting an application to the Licensing Authority as mentioned under rule 34.