In pursuit of its goal of promoting integrated knowledge, National Law University Odisha (NLUO) offers co-operative learning opportunities. The undergraduate degree in law integrates liberal arts (B.A.) and managerial excellence (B.B.A.) courses into the stipulated five years.

NLUO, at the moment, offers the following five year integrated undergraduate programme namely- B.A.LL.B. and B.B.A.LL.B

The Course Structure of Undergraduate Programme:

Semester BA Law BBA
1st Law and Language Legal Methods Law and Language
  Legal History Law of Torts Legal History
  Science of Politics   Principles and Practices of Management
  Architecture of Social Life   Introduction to Political Science
2nd Law, Literature and Films Constitution 1 Law, Literature and Films
  Microeconomics Contract 1 Basic Principles of Accounting
  Contemporary Political Discourse   Introduction to Sociology
Sociology of Social Issues & Debates   Organizational Behaviour
3rd Sociology of Social Transformation Constitution 2 Cost and Management Accounting
  Macroeconomics Contract 2 Business Economics
  Global Politics and Governance   Human Resource Management
  Basic Principles of Accounting   Fundamentals of Marketing Mangement
4th Economic Development and Planning in India Public International Law Corporate Accounting
  Organizational Behaviour Corporate Law 1 Strategic Management
    Criminal Law-1  
5th   Corporate Law- 2  
    Criminal Law-2  
    Administrative Law  
6th   Legal Aid and PIL  
    Personal Laws 1  
    Interpretation of Statutes  
    Direct Taxation  
7th   Labour Laws 1  
    Personal Laws 2  
    Environmental Law  
    Indirect Taxation  
    ADR Clinic 2
    Transfer of Property  
8th   Labour Laws 2  
    International Trade Law  
    Conflict of Laws  
    Seminar Course 1  
    Seminar Course 2  
9th   Trial and Appellate Advocacy  
    Information Technology Law  
    Mergers and Acquisitions  
    Seminar Course 3  
    Seminar Course 4  
    Seminar Course 5  
10th   Professional Ethics  
    Human Rights  
    Law and Enterpreneurship  
    Seminar Course 6  
    Seminar Course 7  
    Seminar Course 8