Format: Writing prayers for a writ for Mandamus

The relief sought by the respondent-writ petitioner is as follows:

It is, therefore, prayed that Your Lordships may graciously be pleased to issue
Rule Nisi calling upon the Respondents to show cause as to why;

(i) An appropriate writ/order/direction, including Writ of Mandamus, be not issued directing the Respondents to issue Refund Payment Order to the petitioner for an amount of Rs.12,32,496/- pertaining to the Financial Year 2005-06, being the admitted amount adjudicated by Respondents themselves in terms of Section 15(b) of the Central Sales Tax Act, 1956 towards the claim of the petitioner for reimbursement of the tax levied by the State Government under the Bihar Finance Act, 1981 on declared goods
which were subsequently sold in course of inter-State trade and commerce.

(ii) Further appropriate writ/order/directions, including Writ of Mandamus, be not issued directing the Respondents to pay statutory interest to the petitioner @ 9% per annum in terms of Section 43 of the Bihar Finance Act, 1981 from the expiry of the period of six months from the date of receipt of the application of refund filed by the petitioner till the date when Refund Payment Order is issued in favour of the petitioner.

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