The holy creed of Ahura Mazda

“The good, righteous, right religion which the Mazda has sent to the creatures is that which Zarathustra has brought. The religion is the religion of Zarathustra, the religion of Ahura-Mazda, given to Zarathustra.”

“I praise the well-thought, well-spoken, well-performed thoughts, words, and works.

“I lay hold on all good thoughts, words, and works.

“I abandon all evil thoughts, words, and works.

“I bring to you, O Amĕsha-spĕntas,

“Praise and adoration,

“With thoughts, words, and works, with heavenly mind, the vital strength of my own body.

“I drive away the Daêvas, I profess myself a Zarathrustrian, an expeller of the Daêvas, a follower of the teachings of Ahura.

“A hymn-singer of the Amĕsha-spĕntas, a praiser of the Amĕsha-spĕntas.

“To Ahura-Mazda, the good, endued with good wisdom, I offer all good.”

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