Criminal Laws in India

Introduction to crimes and criminals

Penal Code Tools

Basic Criminal  Laws

Special Laws

Procedural Laws

Evidence in Criminal Trial

Criminal Trial


Jurisdiction of the Courts

  • Territorial Jurisdiction
  • Pecuniary Jurisdiction
  • Trial Jurisdiction
  • special Jurisdiction


Criminal Courts

  • Regular Trial Court
  • Special  Trial Court



  • Appeal by Prosecution
  • Appeal by Victim
  • Appeal Convict

♦Appeal to Sessions Court

♦Appeal to High Court

♦Appeal to Supreme Court

  • Special Leave Appeal


Starting of a Criminal Case

  • Information to Police
  • Information on Jurisdictional Magistrate
  • Complaint to Magistrate 
  • Lodging Complaint through Writ Jurisdictions of High Court & Supreme Court.

Sanction For Prosecution

Juvenile Offenders

Probation of Offenders

Compounding of Offence

  • Withdrawal of complaint by De-facto Complainant
  • Withdrawal  from Prosecution by State


Rights  in Criminal Prosecution

  • Rights of the Victim
  • Rights of the Accused

        ♠ Pre-trial hearings

  • Rights of the Prosecution

Pardoning of the Sentence 

  • Pardon by President 
  • Pardon by Governor of the State
  • Remission( redemption) of Sentence


Supreme Court guidelines

  • Against Police Atrocities
  • To the Trial Court
  • To the Prosecutors


Directorate of Prosecution

Investigation And Prosecution by CBI

Investigation and Prosecution by Central Vigilance Commission

Investigation and Prosecution by Enforcement Directorate 

Jail Administration