Constitution of the United Kingdom

Apart from some parliamentary legislations, The United Kingdom never enacted any single document called as ‘ Constitution of United Kingdom ‘ or such. Having said so nonetheless following legislations have constitutional effects. Therefore, it can be safely said that the British constitution is a collection of important legislations which formulate the basic policy of the State and its People. Following Laws featuring as constitutionally important … Continue reading Constitution of the United Kingdom

European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 [UK]

CONTENTS Repeal of the ECA 1 Repeal of the European Communities Act 1972 Retention of existing EU law 2 Saving for EU-derived domestic legislation 3 Incorporation of direct EU legislation 4 Saving for rights etc. under section 2(1) of the ECA 5 Exceptions to savings and incorporation 6 Interpretation of retained EU law 7 Status of retained EU law Main powers in connection with withdrawal … Continue reading European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 [UK]

Royal Assent Act 1967 [UK]

1967 CHAPTER 23 An Act to amend the law relating to the signification of Her Majesty’s Royal Assent. [10th May 1967] 1. Signification of Royal Assent. (1)An Act of Parliament is duly enacted if Her Majesty’s Assent thereto, being signified by Letters Patent under the Great Seal signed with Her Majesty’s own hand,— (a)is pronounced in the presence of both Houses in the House of Lords … Continue reading Royal Assent Act 1967 [UK]

Computer Misuse Act 1990 [United Kingdom]

1990 CHAPTER 18 An Act to make provision for securing computer material against unauthorised access or modification; and for connected purposes. [29th June 1990] Be it enacted by the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:— Computer misuse offences … Continue reading Computer Misuse Act 1990 [United Kingdom]

Legal system of United Kingdom

Introduction The Crown Law Making Procedure Common Law Alternative Dispute Resolution police and Criminal Laws Difference Between Civil and Criminal Law English Law The Rule of Law What are Precedents The Doctrine of Precedent The Crown Prosecution Service British Constitution without having it Classification of Powers of Appointment Rising Prison Population Courts Magistrates Courts High Court Supreme Court Moving to Crown Court Court of Protection … Continue reading Legal system of United Kingdom

State Leadership [United Kingdom]

Queen-ELIZABETH II Prime Min., First Lord of the Treasury, & Min. for the Civil Service-Theresa MAY Chancellor of the Exchequer-Philip HAMMOND Sec. of State for Business, Energy, & Industrial Strategy-Greg CLARK Sec. of State for Communities & Local Govt.-Sajid JAVID Sec. of State for Culture, Media, & Sport-Karen BRADLEY Sec. of State for Defense-Michael FALLON Sec. of State for Education & Min. for Women & … Continue reading State Leadership [United Kingdom]


LAW LIBRARY Railways Act 1993 1993 CHAPTER 43 An Act to provide for the appointment and functions of a Rail Regulator and a Director of Passenger Rail Franchising and of users’ consultative committees for the railway industry and for certain ferry services; to make new provision with respect to the provision of railway services and the persons by whom they are to be provided or … Continue reading RAILWAYS ACT 1993 [UK LEGISLATION]


Introductory Text The First Group of Parts Company Insolvency; Companies Winding Up Part I Company Voluntary Arrangements Part II administration Part II Administration Orders Part III Receivership Part IV Winding Up of Companies Registered under the Companies Acts Part V Winding Up of Unregistered Companies Part VI Miscellaneous Provisions Applying to Companies Which are Insolvent or in Liquidation Part VII Interpretation for First Group of … Continue reading INSOLVENCY ACT 1986[UK]


KEYWORDS:- COMPANY Introductory Text Companies Act 2006 2006 CHAPTER 46 An Act to reform company law and restate the greater part of the enactments relating to companies; to make other provision relating to companies and other forms of business organisation; to make provision about directors’ disqualification, business names, auditors and actuaries; to amend Part 9 of the Enterprise Act 2002; and for connected purposes. [8th … Continue reading COMPANIES ACT 2006 [UK]

Law of Property Act 1925[UK]

UK LEGISLATION INDEX Introductory Text Part I General Principles as to Legal Estates, Equitable Interests and Powers 1. Legal estates and equitable interests. 2. Conveyances overreaching certain equitable interests and powers. 3. Manner of giving effect to equitable interests and powers. 4. Creation and disposition of equitable interests. 5. Satisfied terms, whether created out of freehold or leasehold land to cease. 6. Saving of lessors’ … Continue reading Law of Property Act 1925[UK]