Jean-Paul Sartre on The Birth of Israel-1949

I have always wanted the Jewish problem to find a definitive solution within the framework of humanity, and still do, but since no social evolution can avoid the stage of national independence, we must rejoice that an autonomous Israeli state has legitimated the hopes and combats of Jews throughout the world.

नेपाल कम्युनिष्ट पार्टीको पहिलो घोषणा पत्र – First Manifesto of the Communist Party of Nepal- (1949)

विगत चालीस वर्षमा दुई विश्व युद्धहरू भए । पहिलोको फलस्वरूप विश्वको ६ खण्डको एक खण्ड भू-भग पूँजीवादी घेराबाट मुक्त भएको छ र समाजवादी सोवियत सङ्घको जन्म भएको छ र सबल वैज्ञानिक समाजवाद महान ऍतिहासिक यथार्थतामा फेरिएको छ । यो महान ऍतिहासिक यथार्थता पूँजीवादी तथा सामन्ती दासत्व-विरुद्ध विद्रोह गर्न सबै मुलुकहरूका शोषित र श्रमजीवी जनतालाई निरन्तर आह्वान हो ।

Purpose of Education – Speech by C. Rajagopalachari, Governor-General of India – 08/09/1949

When straying from the studies prescribed for me when I was young, I read Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, and chapters in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, and later I acquainted myself with the thoughts of Socrates, Marcus Aurelius and Brother Lawrence, the joy and reverence within me swelled towards the Upanishads, the Gita and the Mahabharata though no one incited me to it.

Salient features of Indian Constitution outlined by Dr. Rajendra Prasad in Constituent Assembly Debates -26/11/1949

Well, the first and the most obvious fact which will attract any observer is the fact that we are going to have a Republic. India knew republics in the past olden days, but that was 2,000 years ago or more and those republics were small republics. We never had anything like the Republic which we are going to have now, although there were empires in those days as well as during the Mughal period which covered very large parts of the country. The President of the Republic will be an elected President. We never have had an elected Head of the State which covered such a large area of India. And it is for the first time that it becomes open to the humblest and the lowliest citizens of the country to deserve and become the President or the Head of this big State which counts among the biggest States of the world today.

Text of the Proclamation of the Central People’s Government of the China (PRC)-1/10/1949

Now, the People's War of Liberation has been basically won, and the majority of the people in the country have been liberated. On this foundation, the first session of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference , composed of delegates of all the democratic parties and people's organization of China, the People's Liberation Army, the various regions and nationalities of the country, and the overseas Chinese and other patriotic elements, has been convened.

Freedom of the Press Act (1949)

The freedom of the press is understood to mean the right of every Swedish citizen to publish written matter, without prior hindrance by a public authority or other public body, and not to be prosecuted thereafter on grounds of its content other than before a lawful court, or punished therefor other than because the content contravenes an express provision of law, enacted to preserve public order without suppressing information to the public.

Admission of Israel to UN-General Assembly Resolution 273 (III)11/05/1949

In the fall of 1948, Israel had applied for membership in the United Nations but failed to win the necessary majority in the Security Council. In the spring of 1949, the application was renewed This time, armistice agreements having been signed between Israel and Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon, Israel was admitted by 37 votes in favour, 12 against, with 9 abstentions.

North Atlantic Treaty – Full text – 4/04/1949

After the Treaty has been in force for ten years, or at any time thereafter, the Parties shall, if any of them so requests, consult together for the purpose of reviewing the Treaty, having regard for the factors then affecting peace and security in the North Atlantic area, including the development of universal as well as regional arrangements under the Charter of the United Nations for the maintenance of international peace and security.

कांग्रेस नेतृत्व और उसकी गलाघोंटू नीति – स्वामी सहजानन्द सरस्वती 1949

लेकिन, 1945 के चुनावों की सफलता के बाद उसमें पतन के चिद्द दीखने लगे और 15 अगस्त, 1945 के आते-न-आते वह खाँटी भोग-संस्था, भोगियों की जमात, उनका मठ बन गयी। महात्माजी के उस समय के व्यथापूर्ण उद्गार इसे साफ बताते हैं। यही कारण है, उनने अपने बलिदान के एक दिन पूर्व-29 जनवरी को बेलाग ऐलान किया था कि कांग्रेस तोड़ दी जाये और उसका स्थान लोकसेवक संघ ले ले। सारांश, कांग्रेस-जन योगी बने रहकर अब उसे लोकसेवक संघ के रूप में बदल दें। यही बात वे लिखकर भी दे गये-इसी की वसीयत कर गये। मगर भोगी लोग इसे कब मानते? उनने महात्मा की महान आत्मा को रुलाया और कांग्रेस की भोगवादिता पर कसकर मुहर लगा दी। महात्मा चाहते थे कांग्रेस चुनावों के पाप-पक में न फँसे; मगर उनके प्रधान चेलों ने न माना। कांग्रेस भोगियों का अव बन गयी है, यह तो चोटी के नेता लोग साफ स्वीकार करते ही हैं। कौन-सी सार्वजनिक सभा नहीं है, जिसमें वे यह बात कबूल नहीं करते, सो भी साफ-साफ धिक्कार के साथ!

Second Geneva Convention-1949: Maritime Warfare

The present Convention shall be applied with the cooperation and under the scrutiny of the Protecting Powers whose duty it is to safeguard the interests of the Parties to the conflict. For this purpose, the Protecting Powers may appoint, apart from their diplomatic or consular staff, delegates from amongst their own nationals or the nationals of other neutral Powers. The said delegates shall be subject to the approval of the Power with which they are to carry out their duties.