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Statement by the President Clinton on US National Debt-31/01/2000


According to the latest numbers from the Department of the Treasury, we will pay down $152 billion in debt in the three months from April to June — the largest debt pay down in our nation’s history. By the end of this fiscal year, we will have repaid approximately $300 billion in debt. If we continue on this path of fiscal discipline, we can pay off our national debt for the first time since Andrew Jackson was President.

President Clinton Joins International Aids Policy Leaders to Mark World Aids Day-01/12/2000


Today, President Clinton will join international religious leaders at Howard University to mark World AIDS Day. At this event, he will unveil the first ever National Institutes of Health strategic plan for international AIDS research, a blueprint for establishing new funding approaches and research opportunities in over 50 countries. He also will release a new report from the White House Office of National AIDS Policy, entitled Action Against AIDS: A Legacy of Leadership at Home and Around the World detailing the Administration’s successes in fighting the AIDS epidemic.

Legislation Law of the People’s Republic of China-2000

To regulate legislative activities, establish a sound legislative system of the state, raise the quality of legislation, improve the Chinese socialist legal system, allow legislation to play a guiding and driving role, safeguard and develop socialist democracy, comprehensively promote the rule of law, and build a socialist country ruled by law, this Law is developed in accordance with the Constitution.


Defendants are charged with numerous offenses arising out of their alleged involvement with an international terrorist organization led by Defendant Usama Bin Laden (“Bin Laden”). Presently before the Court are four motions, filed by Defendants Wadih El Hage (“El Hage”), Mamdouh Mahmud Salim (“Salim”), Mohamed Sadeek Odeh (“Odeh”), and Khalfan Khamis Mohamed (“K.K. Mohamed”) seeking an order compelling the Government to file a bill of particulars that is responsive to over 150 separate requests for information. For the reasons set forth below, those motions are granted in part and denied in part.

Patent Law Treaty 2000

Intellectual Property

The provisions of this Treaty and the Regulations shall apply to national and regional patents for invention, and to national and regional patents of addition, which have been granted with effect for a Contracting Party.