Vatican City State Fundamental Law of Vatican City State 26 November 2000 ENFORCED: 22 February 2001 Pope John Paul II After taking into account the need to give a systematic and organic form to the changes introduced in successive phases in the juridical structure of Vatican City State and wishing to make it correspond always better to the institutional purposes […]


At the same time, on a number of parameters, NATO’s present-day political and military guidelines do not coincide with security interests of the Russian Federation and occasionally directly contradict them. This primarily concerns the provisions of NATO’s new strategic concept, which do not exclude the conduct of use-of-force operations outside of the zone of application of the Washington Treaty without the sanction of the UN Security Council. Russia retains its negative attitude towards the expansion of NATO.


The Chairman of the Committee is the main administrative person of the Commonwealth, appointed at the proposal of the CIS member state by the Council of Heads of State of the Commonwealth for a period of 3 years by a decision adopted by consensus. In case of early dismissal of the Chairman of the Committee, the decision is made by a simple majority of votes of the members of the Council of CIS Heads of State.

As per our theory, the Vedic Aryans had migrated from East to west.  In our earlier book, we had assumed (based on second-hand information) that the Vedic Aryans, during the period of the Rigveda, were inhabitants of the Punjab area identified by scholars as the Saptasindhu.  However, the actual data in the Rigveda shows that they were in fact inhabitants of the area to the east of the Punjab, traditionally known as Aryavarta.  The Punjab was only the western peripheral area of their activity.

Recently, December 29, 1999 was observed, all over the world, as the international day for biological diversity. The Convention on Biodiversity which entered into force on this day in 1993 is the main instrument that the international community has given to itself with which to preserve the fragile web of life of our one and only earth. There are now 176 parties to the Convention which has three main objectives: the conservation of biological diversity; the sustainable use of its components; and fair and eqauitable sharing of the benefits arising from the utilisation of genetic resources. These three areas are interdependent and progress in each area is essential to make the Convention successful.

U. S. TRADEMARK LAW RULES OF PRACTICE & FEDERAL STATUTES U. S. PATENT & TRADEMARK OFFICE November 7, 2000 TABLE OF CONTENTS 37 C.F.R. PART 1—RULES OF PRACTICE IN PATENT CASES GENERAL INFORMATION AND CORRESPONDENCE 1.1 Addresses for correspondence with the Patent and Trademark Office. 1.2 Business to be transacted in writing. 1.3 Business to be conducted with decorum and courtesy. 1.4 […]

अथातो न्यायाध्ययनस्य पार्षदं वर्तयिष्यामः १ पदानां संहितां विद्यात् २ पदविधिरिति ३ द्विरुदात्तं बृहस्पत्यादीनाम् ४ प्रत्यञ्चां द्वे उपोत्तमे ५ अवर्णमध्य आकार एकादेशे विशेषः ६ अवर्णान्ताञ्च ७ इकारादौ च ८ एकारादौ च ९ कृदन्ते द्व्युपसर्गे १० गतिपूर्वो यदा धातुः ११ उपसर्गपूर्वमाख्यातम् १२ वचने वचने पूर्वम् १३ एकेन द्वे १४ द्विनतिकानि वा १५ परकारणानि १६ परयोगीनि १७ अर्थपादादिषूदात्तमाख्यातमामन्त्रितं पदम् १८ व्याघ्रादीन्यनुदात्तानि पादादीनामपोदितम् १९ वाक्यविपर्यये पदलोपेषु पादादिवत्स्वरः २० चयोगादनिघातः २१ वायोगादनिघातः २२ आमन्त्रितादाद्युदात्तात् २३ लुप्तकरणान्यकरणानि वा २४ अन्ययोगादनिघातः २५ नहीत्यनेन युक्तानि २६ यदित्येनेन समस्तेन २७ वचनात्परेण च सर्वत्र युक्तं वापवादो वा लुप्तं वा तत्पदं येन योगः २८

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