Lecture on the Spanish Civil War by Willie Brandt-1937

in Spain, the bourgeois revolution has yet to be carried out. It can only be carried through as a popular revolution under the leadership of the working class. The workers must not, however, stop the fight for democratic reforms. They must fight for the Socialist completion of the revolution. The elements of Socialist revolution and Democratic revolution are intimately bound up in each other and, as such, are inseparable. For this reason, we must characterise the Spanish revolution as one which will be Democratic-Socialist.

Slogan for Pakistan: “Separation of India into Hindu and Moslem States,” rejected by Bolshevik-Leninist Party of India through resolution (1946)

The slogan of the Moslem League for Pakistan: "separation of India into Hindu and Moslem states," denied by the Bolshevik-Leninist Party of India through Resolution SOURCE: New International, Vol.12 No.10, December 1946, pp.300-301 The Pakistan slogan epitomises the demand of…

नेपाल कम्युनिष्ट पार्टीको पहिलो घोषणा पत्र – First Manifesto of the Communist Party of Nepal- (1949)

विगत चालीस वर्षमा दुई विश्व युद्धहरू भए । पहिलोको फलस्वरूप विश्वको ६ खण्डको एक खण्ड भू-भग पूँजीवादी घेराबाट मुक्त भएको छ र समाजवादी सोवियत सङ्घको जन्म भएको छ र सबल वैज्ञानिक समाजवाद महान ऍतिहासिक यथार्थतामा फेरिएको छ । यो महान ऍतिहासिक यथार्थता पूँजीवादी तथा सामन्ती दासत्व-विरुद्ध विद्रोह गर्न सबै मुलुकहरूका शोषित र श्रमजीवी जनतालाई निरन्तर आह्वान हो ।

Conversation between I. V. Stalin and Indian Communist Party-09/02/1951

This is a bourgeois-democratic revolution or the first stage of a people’s democratic revolution. The people’s democratic revolution which started before China in the countries of Eastern Europe has two stages. The first stage is an agrarian revolution or agrarian reform, if you wish. The countries of the people’s democracies in Eastern Europe went through this stage in the first year after the war. China is in this first stage right now. India is approaching this stage. The second stage of a people’s democratic revolution, as it has manifested itself in Eastern Europe, consists of moving from an agrarian revolution to the expropriation of the national bourgeoisie.

Full Text of Constitution of the Communist Party of China-2002

The Communist Party of China is the vanguard both of the Chinese working class and of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation. It is the core of leadership for the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics and represents the development trend of China's advanced productive forces, the orientation of China's advanced culture and the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the Chinese people. The realization of communism is the highest ideal and ultimate goal of the Party.

Text of Constitution of the Communist Party of China-2012

Marxism-Leninism brings to light the laws governing the development of the history of human society. Its basic tenets are correct and have tremendous vitality. The highest ideal of communism pursued by the Chinese Communists can be realized only when the socialist society is fully developed and highly advanced. The development and improvement of the socialist system is a long historical process.

Nehru’s Fatal Friendship-Sita Ram Goel

Ever since the signing of the U.S.-Pakistan Military Aid Agreement, our Government has, to all intents and purposes, abandoned its policy of neutrality and entered on a phase of enthusiastic friendship with the Soviet Union and its satellite, Red China. Whether there was a predisposition for this change, and the U.S.-Pak Agreement provided merely a handy excuse, is a larger question which I do not want to discuss here.