The Police Court-Edward Abbott Parry

Crime is not only a matter of heredity and education, it is also a question of geography. This geographical distribution of crime is an intensely interesting subject. You will find that Cardigan, for instance, is the whitest county in England and Wales for crimes of all kind, whether against property, morals, or of a violent character.

Judicial system in Iraq

Supreme Judicial Council: Which is the supreme administration of the ordinary judiciary and it based in the capital Baghdad. And It’s specialized in the administration of the ordinary judiciary and consists of (20) judges

Crown Court

What is the Crown Court? The Crown Court – unlike the magistrates’ courts, it is a single entity – sits in 77 court centres across England and Wales. It deals with serious criminal cases which include: Cases sent for trial…

History of the Court of Appeal

Original jurisdiction was primarily civil. It did not gain jurisdiction over criminal appeals until the Court of Criminal Appeal’s jurisdiction was transferred to it under the Criminal Appeal Act 1966.

Judicial Responsibility

The media often reports on the progress and outcome of court cases, as well as upon their views on a judge’s performance in particular cases or in general. This form of accountability allows scrutiny through the media of individual judges.

Family justice system

When disputes do come to the courts, the cases are dealt with by magistrates and judges specially trained to deal with issues affecting families. These disputes often involve very difficult circumstances, for example relationship breakdown or child contact. Judges and magistrates work to make the circumstances of family disputes less adversarial and hearings can often be quite informal with, for example, all parties sitting around a table.

Judicial accountability and independence

The truth is that the judiciary is accountable, but in a different manner. The reason for this difference is a fundamental feature of our constitution going to the very heart of our democracy. The difference stems from the need to ensure that judges are impartial and independent of central and local government and from pressures from the media, companies, and pressure groups while exercising their judicial functions.

Bengal, Agra And Assam Civil Courts Act- 1887

An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to Civil Courts in Bengal, the North-Western Provinces and Assam. Whereas it is expedient to consolidate and amend the law relating to Civil Courts in Bengal, the North-Western Provinces and Assam; It is hereby enacted as follows