Of judging of the death of another by Michel de Montaigne-1877

When we judge of another’s assurance in death, which, without doubt, is the most remarkable action of human life, we are to take heed of one thing, which is that men very hardly believe themselves to have arrived to that period. Few men come to die in the opinion that it is their latest hour; and there is nothing wherein the flattery of hope more deludes us; It never ceases to whisper in our ears, “Others have been much sicker without dying; your condition is not so desperate as ‘tis thought; and, at the worst, God has done other miracles.”

That to study philosophy is to learn to die by Michel de Montaigne-1877

Cicero says—[Tusc., i. 31.]—“that to study philosophy is nothing but to prepare one’s self to die.” The reason of which is, because study and contemplation do in some sort withdraw from us our soul, and employ it separately from the body, which is a kind of apprenticeship and a resemblance of death; or, else, because all the wisdom and reasoning in the world do in the end conclude in this point, to teach us not to fear to die.

AZABU L-QABR-Islamic theory of ‘Punishment of the grave’

The Prophet of God said, When a corpse is placed in its grave, two black angels come to it, with blue eyes. The name of the one is Munkar and of the other Nakīr, and they interrogate the dead person concerning the Prophet of God. If he be a Muslim, he will bear witness to the Unity of God and the mission of Muḥammad.

Death due to COVID-19 vaccination in India

The number of deaths reported following COVID-19 vaccination in the country is only 0.0002% of 23.5 crore doses administered which is within the expected death rates in a population. In a population, deaths occur at a certain rate.

World War-2 Death Count

The estimate approximate of military Data, the actual number is innumerable CountryMilitaryCivilianDeathsUSSR13,600,0007,700,00021,300,000China1,324,00010,000,00011,324,000Germany3,250,0003,810,0007,060,000Poland850,0006,000,0006,850,000Japan--2,000,000Yugoslavia300,0001,400,0001,706,000Rumania520,000465,000985,000France340,000470,000810,000Hungary--750,000Austria380,000145,000525,000Greece--520,000United States500,000-500,000Italy330,00080,000410,000Czechoslovakia--400,000Great Britain326,00062,000388,000Netherlands198,00012,000210,000Belgium76,00012,00088,000Finland--84,000Canada39,000-39,000India36,000-36,000Australia29,000-29,000Albania--28,000Spain12,00010,00022,000Bulgaria19,0002,00021,000New Zealand12,000-12,000Norway--10,262South Africa9,000-9,000Luxembourg--5,000Denmark4,000-4,000Total--56,125,262