Tag: Execution of Decree

Whether a third party in possession of a property can seek adjudication of his objections U/O 21, Rule 97 of CPC ?

We find that Order 21, Rule 35 deals with cases of delivery of possession of an immovable property to the decree-holder by delivery of actual physical possession and by removing any person in possession who is bound by a decree, while under Order 21, Rule 36 only symbolic possession is given where tenant is in actual possession. Order 21, Rule 97, as aforesaid, conceives of cases where delivery of possession to decree-holder or purchaser is resisted by any person. ‘Any person’, as aforesaid, is wide enough to include even a person not bound by a decree or claiming right in the property on his own including that of a tenant including stranger.


The appointment of a Receiver in execution proceedings has been described as a form of equitable relief which is granted on the ground that there is no effective remedy by execution at law. Surely it is an improper use of that equiable remedy to employ it to avoid a very definite bar created by statute law to achieving the very object for which the Receiver is appointed.