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What is the meaning of ‘in the interests of justice’

Justice is a principle which regulates the distribution of things, valued by men awarding them to some, denying them to others. It is, at the same time, a principle whereby each man’s worth is appraised. Justice gives to “every one that which is his.” It is not a free gift from the Court.


Justice is the act by which the Society/Court/Tribunal gives to a man what he is entitled to, as opposed to protecting against injury or wrong. Justice is the rendering of what is right and equitable towards one who has suffered a wrong. Therefore, while tempering the justice with mercy, the Court has to be very conscious that it has to do justice in exact conformity to some
obligatory law for the reason that human actions are found to be just or unjust as they are in conformity with or in opposition to the law.

What is social justice

Social justice (Civil Justice) Social justice, sometimes called civil justice, is a concept largely based on various social contract theories. Most variations on the concept hold that as governments are instituted among populations for the […]

Judicial justice what is

Judicial justice Supreme Court pointed out in M. H. Hoskot. v. State of Maharashtra, (1978) 3 SCC 544): “Judicial justice, with procedural intricacies, legal submissions and critical examination of evidence, leans upon […]

Of the other Lawes of Nature-Thomas Hobbes 1651

The word injustice relates to some Law: Injury to some Person, as well as some Law. For what’s unjust, is unjust to all; but there may an injury be done, and yet not against me, nor thee, but some other; and sometimes against no private Person, but the Magistrate only; sometimes also neither against the Magistrate, nor any private man, but onely against God; for through Contract, and conveighance of Right, we say, that an injury is done against this, or that man.