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What is a substantial question of law- SC explained

What is a substantial question of law would certainly depend upon facts and circumstances of every case and if a question of law had been settled by the highest court of the country that question however important and difficult it may have been regarded in the past and however large may be its effect on any of the parties, would not be regarded as substantial question of law. In Raghunath Prasad v. Deputy Commissioner of Partabgarh [1927] 54 LA. 126 the Judicial Committee observed that a question of law to be considered a "substantial question of law" need not be one of general importance and it could be a substantial question "as between the parties".

What is a judicial decision

To define the words “Judicial” and “quasi-judicial” in the case of Cooper vs. Wilson, (1935) 2 K.B. 309 at p. 340:(166 L.J. K.B. 728). The relevant quotation reads thus: “A […]

Business meaning of

The word “business” has been defined by the Act in S. 2 (5) of the Indian Income-tax Act, 1922 as follows: “Business” includes any trade, commerce or manufacture or any […]

What is the meaning of “Office”

The meaning to the word office’ given in the Statesman (P) Ltd. vs. H. R. Deb, AIR 1968 SC 1495. In the Statesman case, AIR 1968 SC 1495 this Court […]

Meaning of ‘Granted Land’

in K.T. Huchegowda v. Dy. Commissioner [(1994) 3 SCC 536], Supreme  Court held: “8. On a plain reading, granted land will mean, any land granted by the Government to a […]