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What is a substantial question of law- SC explained


What is a substantial question of law would certainly depend upon facts and circumstances of every case and if a question of law had been settled by the highest court of the country that question however important and difficult it may have been regarded in the past and however large may be its effect on any of the parties, would not be regarded as substantial question of law. In Raghunath Prasad v. Deputy Commissioner of Partabgarh [1927] 54 LA. 126 the Judicial Committee observed that a question of law to be considered a “substantial question of law” need not be one of general importance and it could be a substantial question “as between the parties”.

What is Goodwill

In Ramnik Vallabhdas Madhvani and others Versus Taraben Pravinlal Madhvani[AIR 2004 SC 1084 : (2003) 5 Suppl. SCR 230 : (2004) 1 SCC 497 ] “goodwill”, as Lord Machaghten described ‘a thing very easy […]