Kumar Ghimirey Vs. State of Sikkim-22/04/2019

The failure on the part of the State Government to prefer an appeal does not, however, preclude the High Court from exercising suo motu power of revision under Section 397 read with Section 401 of the Code since the High Court itself is empowered to call for the record of the proceeding of any court subordinate to it. Subsection 4 of Section 401 operates as a bar to the party which has a right to prefer an appeal but has failed to do so but that subsection cannot stand in the way of the High Court exercising revisional jurisdiction suo motu.

पोक्सो एक्ट-2012

पोक्सो एक्ट 2012 Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act-2012 [Hindi Version] क़ानूनी धाराएं  1-संक्षिप्त नाम, विस्तार और प्रारम्भ2-परिभाषाएं 3-प्रवेशन लैंगिक हमला4-प्रवेशन लैंगिक हमला के लिए दंड5-गुरुतर प्रवेशन लैंगिक हमला6-गुरुतर प्रवेशन लैंगिक हमला का दंड7-लैंगिक हमला8-लैंगिक हमला का दंड9-गुरुतर लैंगिक हमला10-गुरुतर…