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Payment of Commission by WB Govt to Deptt. of Post on sale of Revenue Stamp by Post Offices.

With reference to the subject mentioned above the undersigned is directed to say that Government of West Bengal has agreed to the recommendation of the Standing Committee of the State Secretaries of Stamp and Registration made in the 5th meeting held on 11.06.2003 on the issue of payment of commission to the Deptt. of Post on sale of Revenue Stamp.

The duty to act Judicially may be inferred from the provisions of the statute

It is clear therefore that S. 56 (2) deals with cases where there is a doubt in the mind of the collector in regard to an instrument which comes up before him under the above provisions of the Act as to the construction of the instrument and the provisions of the Act applicable to it. Such doubt itself shows that the point raised for the Collector’s decision is a difficult point of law and from the very nature of the duty to be performed in such circumstances it appears clear that the Chief Controlling Revenue-authority has to decide the matter Judicially and would thus be a quasi-Judicial tribunal.

Revenue Acts and Rules

Law Library 2018 S.No. Name of the Act Acts Rules 1 Narcotic-Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act 1985 2 CBDT (Chairman and Members) Recruitment Amendment Rules, 2012 3 CBEC (Chairman and Members) Recruitment Amendment […]