Stand of V. D. Savarkar and the Hindu Maha Sabha on Partition – Ambedkar-1940

The stand taken by Hindu Mahasabha has been defined by Mr. V. D. Savarkar, the President of the Sabha, in his presidential addresses at the annual sessions of the Sabha. As defined by him, the Hindu Maha Sabha is against Pakistan and proposes to resist it by all means. What these means are we do not know. If they are force, coercion and resistance, they are only negative alternatives and Mr. Savarkar and the Hindu Maha Sabha alone can say how far these means will succeed.

Hemanta Panda vs PIO, M/O Culture – 21/04/2016

All the seven convicts submitted appeals through the jail authorities to the Punjab High Court. Formerly the High Court functioned at Lahore. Nathuram V Godse preferred appeal against his conviction for conspiracy and other charges and not against the death sentence. Criminal Appeals Nos. 66 to 72 of 1949 Punjab High Court, (then at) Simla. Some significant record of the Mahatma Gandhi Murder Case was included in Printed Volume I and II of the case documents in Punjab High Court.

Mr. Gandhi’s tenacious quest for Hindu-Muslim unity : BY Dr. B. R. Ambedkar 1940

The Mahomedans started the Khilafat movement in 1919. The objective of the movement was two-fold: to preserve the Khilafat and to maintain the integrity of the Turkish Empire. Both these objectives were unsupportable. The Khilafat could not be saved simply because the Turks, in whose interest this agitation was carried on, did not want the Sultan.

Savarkar expressed his happiness in the eve of the opening of Jewish State -19.12.1947

GLAD TO NOTE THAT INDEPENDENT JEWISH STATE IS ESTABLISHED 19-12-1947 “I am glad to note that the overwhelming majority of the leading nations in the world should have recognised the claim of the Jewish People to establish an independent Jewish state, in Palestine and should have promised armed assistance to get it realised. After centuries…