An Act to make provisions as to the immunities, privileges and capacities of international organisations, in particular those of which the Government and foreign governments are members; to confer immunities and privileges on the staff of such organisations and representatives of member governments and in respect of premises and documents of such organisations; and for purposes connected with the matters aforesaid.

Preliminary General Explanations Punishments General Exceptions Abetment – 5A. Criminal Conspiracy Offences against the State – 6A. Piracy Offences relating to the Armed Forces Offences against the Public Tranquility Offences by or relating to Public Servants Contempts of the Lawful Authority of Public Servants False Evidence and Offences against Public Justice Offences relating to Coin and Government Stamps Offences relating […]

Preliminary Criminal jurisdiction over subordinate courts Powers of Attorney-General and Public Prosecutor Information to Police and Powers of Investigation Prevention of Offences Arrest and Bail and Processes to Compel Appearance The Charge Initiation of Criminal Proceedings and Complaint to Magistrate Pre-trial Procedures in the Subordinate Courts Pre-trial Procedures in High Court General Provisions relating to Pre-trial and Plead Guilty Procedures […]

UK Legislation [9th August 1966] ELIZABETH II 1966 CHAPTER 29 An Act to make provision in connection with the establishment of Singapore as an independent sovereign state within the Commonwealth. Be it enacted by the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and […]

An Act to provide for the licensing and regulation of payment service providers, the oversight of payment systems, and connected matters, to repeal the Money‑changing and Remittance Businesses Act (Chapter 187 of the 2008 Revised Edition) and the Payment Systems (Oversight) Act (Chapter 222A of the 2007 Revised Edition), and to make consequential and related amendments to certain other Acts.

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