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The World of Tantra-Osho

The preachers have convinced the whole world that “You are sinners.” This is good for them, because unless you are convinced, their profession cannot continue. You must be sinners: only then can churches, temples and mosques continue to prosper. Your being in sin is their success. Your guilt is the base of all the highest churches. The more guilty you are, the more churches will go on rising higher and higher. They are built on your guilt, on your sin, on your inferiority complex. Thus, they have created an inferior humanity.

Vijnana Bhairava Tantra-विज्ञानभैरव तन्त्रम्

न मे बन्धो न मोक्षो मे भीतस्यैता विभीषिकाः – प्रतिबिम्बम् इदम् बुद्धेर् जलेष्व् इव विवस्वतः………The breath is exhaled with the sound ‘Ha’ and inhaled again with the sound ‘Sa’. Thus the individual always repeats this particular mantra Hamsa

कुब्जिक मत तन्त्र

शिवचैतन्ययोगेन शक्तिचैतन्यबृंहणं । शक्तिचैतन्ययोगेन जीवचैतन्यबृंहणं । जीवचैतन्ययोगेन मन्त्रचैतन्यबृंहणं ।
मन्त्रचैतन्ययोगेन पिण्डचैतन्यबृंहणं ।

लक्ष्मी -Lakshmi

Photo by Mr. Kartik Kundu Advocate

साक्षिणी सर्वभूतानां लक्षयामि शुभाशुभम्।
लक्ष्मीश्चास्मि हरेर्नित्यं लक्ष्यं सर्वमितेरहम्