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West Bengal Police

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The West Bengal Police Act 1952

[8th April, 1952]

[No. 3 of 1952]

An Act to confer certain powers on the State Government in regard to the employment of police forces in West Bengal. whereas it is expedient in the public interest to confer certain powers on the State Government in regard to the employment of police forces in West Bengal;

It is hereby enacted as follows:—

1. Short title, extent and commencement.—

(1)This Act may be called the West Bengal Police Act, 1952.

(2)It extends to the whole of West Bengal 

(3)It shall come into force immediately on the West Bengal Police (Temporary Powers) Ordinance, 1951 (West Ben. Ord. IX of 1951), ceasing to operate.

2. Definitions.—

In this Act,—(a)“area” means Calcutta, the suburbs of Calcutta or a general police-district, as the context implies;

(b)“Calcutta” means the town of Calcutta as defined in the Calcutta Police Act, 1866 (Ben. Act IV of 1866);

(c)“general-police-district” means a general police-district as defined in section 1 of the Police Act, 1861 (V of 1861), read with section 2 of the Bengal Police Act, 1869 (Ben. Act VII of 1869), whenever necessary;

(d)“suburbs of Calcutta” means Calcutta as defined by notification under of the Calcutta Suburban Police Act, 1866.

3. Employment of member of one area in another area.—

It shall be lawful for Government to employ members of the police force of Calcutta in any general police-district, and police-district in Calcutta or the suburbs of employed every such member of a police force shall be deemed to be a member of the police force of the area, in which he is so employed and to be vested with the powers, functions and privileges, and to be subject to liabilities of a member of the police force of that area.

4. Removal of difficulties.—

If any difficulty arises in giving effect to the provisions of this Act, the State Government may by order or cause to be done anything which may be necessary for removing the difficulty.

5. Indemnity.—

No suit, prosecution or proceedings shall lie against any member of a police force for anything in good faith done or intended to be done under this Act .

6. Act to override other law.—

The provisions of this Act shall have effect notwithstanding anything to the contrary in any other law.

7. Savings.—

Anything done or any action taken under this West Bengal Police (Temporary Powers) Ordinance, 1951 (West Ben. Ord. IX of 1951), shall on the said Ordinance ceasing to operate, be deemed to have been done or taken in exercise of the powers conferred by this Act as if this Act had come into force on the 26th day of December, 1951.


The West Bengal Police Cadres

Director General of Police (DG)

Additional Director General of Police (ADG)

Inspector General of Police (IG)

Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG)

Superintendent of Police (SP)

Additional Superintendent of Police (Addl SP)

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP)

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP)

Circle Inspector of Police or CI (A Circle comprises several Police Stations)

Police Inspector

Police Sub Inspector (SI)

Assistant Police Sub Inspector (ASI)

Senior Police Constable ( Unarmed division)

Junior Police Constable (Entry level armed division)

Insignia SSP State Police.png SP State Police.png Assistant Superintendent of Police.png Deupty Superintendent of Police.png
Insignia Police Inspector insignia.png Assistant Police Inspector.png Police Sub-Inspector.png Assistant Sub-Inspector.png Police Head Constable.pngHead Constable.png Senior Police Constable.pngPolice Naik.png No Insignia

for Police constable

Eastern Frontier Rifles is armed police force of WBP

The Kolkata Police

Kolkata Police was created by Calcutta police act, 1866 and the Calcutta suburban police act, 1866. It has 8 divisions covering 69 Police Stations. It has a strength of approximately 26,000 personnel and with a territorial jurisdiction covering  243 sq. kms (approx). There are 8 battalions of armed forces as well as specialized branches like the Detective Department, Special Branch, Reserve Force, Traffic Police, Enforcement Branch, Wireless Branch Special Task Force and security Control office. The force is also incorporating Information Technology in a big way – a computer network connects all Divisions, Police Stations and Battalions and there is a separate Computer Section as well.


  • Police Stations (total as well as sub-division-wise ): Total No. of Police Stations – 20
    i. Shyampukur P.S.
    ii. Jorabagan P.S.
    iii. Burtolla P.S.
    iv. Burrabazar P.S.
    v. Posta P.S.
    vi. Jorasanko P.S.
    vii. Girish Park P.S.
    viii. Amherst Street P.S.
    ix. Hare Street P.S.
    x. Bowbazar P.S.
    xi. Muchipara P.S.
    xii. Taltala P.S.
    xiii. New Market P.S.
    xiv. Park Street P.S.
    xv. Shakespeare Sarani P.S.
    xvi. Hastings P.S.
    xvii. Maidan P.S.
    xviii. North Port P.S.
    xix. South Post P.S.
    xx. West Port P.S.

GR cases triable by the Magistrate [Find a magistrate]

CID West Bengal

Bhabani Bhaban, 31 Belvedere Road, Alipore,
Kolkata -700 027
(033) 24506100 / 24506174
(033) 24506174

By the recommendation of Indian Police commission in 1902-03, specialized investigation wings had been created within the set-up of then Regional Police force, now State police and the Imperial Government in India commissioned such Department from the year of  1907.

Look for the Functions of WB CID

Directorate of Anti Corruption Branch (ACB)

The prevention of Corruption act

The Howrah Police Commissionerate

Asansol Durgapur Police Commissionerate

Bidhan Nagar police Commissionerate

Barrackpore Police Commissionerate

The Police commissionerate is situated at Barrackpore and is divided into two divisions- Barrackpore and Belghoria

Siliguri police Commissionerate (The Siliguri Metropolitan Police)



District Police & Commissionerates

  1. Asansol Durgapur Police Commissionerate
  2. Howrah City Police
  3. Barrackpore City Police
  4. Bidhannagar City Police
  5. Siliguri Metropolitan Police
  6. Bankura District Police
  7. Birbhum District Police
  8. Cooch Behar District Police
  9. Dakshin Dinajpur District Police
  10. Darjeeling District Police
  11. Howrah Rural District Police
  12. Jalpaiguri District Police
  13. Murshidabad District Police
  14. Nadia District Police
  15. Purba medinipur District Police
  16. Purulia District Police
  17. South 24 Pargans District Police
  18. Uttar Dinajpur District Police


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