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West Bengal Public Acts[Source Govt Of West Bengal]


Title Date
Relevant Acts_Public Works Department 7/29/16
Relevant Acts_Personnel and Administrative Reforms 7/29/16
Relevant Acts_Panchayat and Rural Development 7/29/16
Relevant Acts_Urban Development and Town and Country Planning 7/29/16
Relevant Acts_Public Enterprise 7/29/16
Relevant Acts_Municipal Affairs 7/29/16
Relevant Acts_Micro and Small Scale Enterprises and Textiles 7/29/16
Relevant Acts_Mass Education Extension and Library Services 7/29/16
Relevant Acts_Housing 7/29/16
Relevant Acts_Home 7/29/16
Relevant Acts_Forest 7/29/16
Relevant Acts_Food Processing Industries and Horticulture 7/29/16
Relevant Acts_Environment 7/29/16
Relevant Acts_Disaster Management 7/29/16
Relevant Acts_Development and Planning 7/29/16
Relevant Acts_ Consumer Affairs 7/29/16
Relevant Acts_Women and Social Welfare 7/29/16
Relevant Acts_Animal Resources Development 7/29/16
Relevant Acts_Civil Defence 9/28/15
Relevant Acts_School Education
Title Date
Relevant Acts_Public Works 9/30/13
Relevant Acts_Judicial 9/19/13
Relevant Acts_Law 9/18/13
Relevant Acts_Water Investigation and Development 6/27/13
Relevant Acts_Transport 6/27/13
Relevant Acts_Tourism 6/27/13
Relevant Acts_Technical Education and Training 6/27/13
Relevant Acts_Power and Non-Conventional Energy Sources 6/27/13
Relevant Acts_Parliamentary Affairs 6/27/13
Relevant Acts_Minorities Affairs and Madrasah Education 6/27/13
Relevant Acts_Land and Land Reforms 6/27/13
Relevant Acts_Labour 6/27/13
Relevant Acts_Irrigation and Waterways 6/27/13
Relevant Acts_Information and Cultural Affairs 6/27/13
Relevant Acts_Higher Education 6/27/13
Relevant Acts_ Health and Family Welfare 6/27/13
Relevant Acts_Food and Supplies 6/27/13
Relevant Acts_Fisheries 6/27/13
Relevant Acts_Fire and Emergency Services 6/27/13
Relevant Acts_Excise 6/27/13


Most common Laws

The Bengal, Agra and Assam Civil Courts Act, 1887

The West Bengal Court-Fees Act, 1970

The City Civil Court Act, 1953

The West Bengal Estate Acquisition Act- 1953

The West Bengal Municipal Act-1993

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation Act, 1980

The West Bengal Land Reforms Act, 1955

The Bengal Money-Lenders Act, 1940

The West Bengal Panchayat Act, 1973

The West Bengal Premises Tenancy Act, 1997

The West Bengal Public Demand Recovery Act-1913 

The West Bengal Thika Tenancy[Acquisition & Regulation] Act-2001


West Bengal Victim Compensation Scheme

“Victim” means a person who himself has suffered loss or injury as a result of
crime and requires rehabilitation and includes dependent.


 Sec 4 Eligibility Criteria

4. A victim of acid attack and sexual offences including rape and human trafficking shall be Compensation eligible for the grant of compensation if :—
(a) a recommendation is made by the Court for compensation under sub-section (2) of
Section 357A of the Act;
(b) the Trial Court, at the conclusion of the trial, is satisfied, that the compensation
awarded under 357 is not adequate for such rehabilitation, or where the cases end
in acquittal or discharge and the victim has been rehabilitated, makes
recommendation for compensation under sub-section (3) of section 357(A) of the
(c) the offender is not traced or identified, but the victim is identified and where no
trial takes place, such victim or his dependent may apply for award of compensation
under sub-section (4) of section 357A of the Act;
(d) they should not have been compensated for the loss or injury under any other scheme
of the Central or State Government, Insurance Company or any other institutions.

Sec-5 Procedure For Granting Compensation

(1) Whenever a recommendation is made by the Court of Compensation or an application Compensation is made by any victim or his dependent under sub-section (4) of section 357A of the Act to the State or the District Legal Services Authority, the State or the District Legal Services Authority shall examine the case and shall verify the contents of the claim with regard to the loss or injury caused to the claimant and also may call for any other relevant information necessary for consideration of the claim from the concerned victim or his dependent. After verifying the claim and after due enquiry the State or the District Legal Services Authority shall award compensation under sub-section (5) of section 357A of the Act.

(2) The State or the District Legal Services Authority, as the case may be, shall decide the quantum of compensation to be awarded to the victim or his dependents on the basis of loss caused to the victim, medical expenses to be incurred on treatment, minimum sustenance amount required for rehabilitation including such incidental charges, as funeral expenses etc.

(3) The quantum of compensation to be awarded to the victim or his dependents shall not exceed from the maximum limit as per Schedule-I.
(4) The amount of compensation as appended to these scheme by the State or the District
Legal Services Authority shall be disbursed to the victim or his dependents, as the case may be, from the Victim Compensation Fund.
The cases covered under Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 (59 of 1988) wherein compensation is to be awarded by the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal, shall not be covered under these Scheme.
(6) The State or the District Legal Services Authority, to alleviate the suffering of the victim, may order for immediate first aid facility or medical benefits to be made available free of cost on the certificate of the police officer not below the rank of the officer-in-charge of the police station or Magistrate of the area concern, or any other interim relief as it may deem fit.

6. Under these Scheme, no claim made by the victim or his dependents under sub-section
(4) of section 357A of the Act shall be entertained after a period of six months of the Crime.
Provided that, the State or the District Legal Services Authority, if satisfied, for the reasons to be recorded in writing may condone the delay in filing the claim.


[Following Statutes have been Collected by West Bengal Judicial Academy]

1. The West Bengal Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act, 2010

2. The West Bengal State Higher Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission) Act, 2013

3. The West Bengal Right To Public Services Act, 2013

4. The West Bengal Tax on Entry of Goods Into Local Areas Act, 2012

5. The West Bengal University Laws (Amendment) Act, 2011

6. The West Bengal Municipal Corporation (Amendment) Act, 2007

7. The West Bengal Transport Infrastructure Development Act, 2002

8. The Murshidabad Estate (Management of Properties) and miscellaneous provisions Act, 1980

9. The West Bengal Government Premises (Regulation of Occupancy) Act, 1984

10. The West Bengal Land Reforms And Tenancy Tribunal Act, 1997

11. The West Bengal Inland Fisheries Act, 1984

13. The West Bengal Cooperative Societies Act, 2006

15. The Howrah Municipal Corporation Act,1980

16. The  West Bengal Universities (Control of Expenditure)  Act, 1979

17. The Gangasagar Mela Act, 1976

18. The Paschim Banga Unani System of Medicine Act, 1979

19. The West  Bengal Acquisition of Home-Stead Land For Agricultural Labourers, Artisans And Fishermen Act, 1975

20. The West Bengal  Council Of Higher Secondary Education Act, 1975

21. The West Bengal Central Valuation Board Act, 1978

22. The West Bengal College Service Commission Act, 1978

23. The West Bengal College Teachers (Security of Service) Act, 1975

24. The West Bengal Colleges (Payment of Salaries ) Act, 1978

25. The West Bengal Government Premises (Tenancy Regulation) Act, 1976

26. The West Bengal Government Townships (Extension Of Civic Amenities) Act, 1975

27. The West Bengal Land (Requisition and Acquisition) Re-Enacting Act, 1977

28. The West Bengal Legislative Assembly Proceedings (Protection of Publication) Act, 1978

29. The West Bengal Motor Vehicles Tax Act, 1979

30. The West Bengal Nationalised Text-Books Act, 1977

31. The West Bengal Pre-University Entrance and Three-Year Degree Course (Discontinuance of Admission For Prosecution of Study) Act, 1978

32. The West Bengal Prevention of Defacement of Property Act, 1976

33. The West Bengal Public Libraries Act, 1979

34. The West Bengal Relief of Rural Indebtedness Act, 1975

35. The West Bengal Requisitioning of Vehicles Act, 1979

36. The West Bengal Restriction On Construction In Unsafe Areas Act, 1979

37. The West Bengal Rural Employment And Production Act, 1976

38. The West Bengal Rural Indebtedness Relief Act, 1975

39. The West Bengal Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes (Reservation of Vacancies and Posts) Act, 1976

40. The West Bengal Scheduled Castes Development And Finance Corporation Act, 1976

41. The West Bengal State Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employments Act, 1979

42. The West Bengal Town and Country (Planning and Development) Act, 1979

43. The West Bengal Transport Undertakings (Prevention of Ticketless Travel) Act, 1975

44. The West Bengal Universities (Control of Expenditure) Act, 1976

45. The Departmental Proceedings (Enforcement of Attendance of Witnesses and Production of Documents) Act, 1973

46. The West Bengal (Compulsory Censorship Of Film Publicity Materials) Act, 1974

47. The West Bengal Agricultural Credit Operations Act, 1973

48. The West Bengal Agricultural Produce Marketing (Regulation) Act, 1972

49. The West Bengal Apartment Ownership Act, 1972

50. The West Bengal Court-Fees Act, 1970

51. The West Bengal Duty on Inter-State River Valley Authority Electricity Act, 1973

52. The West Bengal Entertainments and Luxuries (Hotels and Restaurants) Tax Act, 1972

53. The West Bengal Housing Board Act, 1972

54. The West Bengal Industrial Infra-Structure Development Corporation Act, 1974

55. The West Bengal Irrigation (Imposition of Water Rate) Act, 1974

56. The West Bengal Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1974

57. The West Bengal Maintenance of Public Order Act, 1972

58. The West Bengal Molasses Control Act, 1973

59. The West Bengal Panchayat Act, 1973

60. The West Bengal Primary Education Act, 1973

61. The West Bengal Restoration of Alienated Land Act, 1973

62. The West Bengal Separation of Judicial and Executive Functions Act, 1970

63. The West Bengal Slum Areas (Improvement and Clearance) Act, 1972

64. The West Bengal State Tubewell and Lift Irrigation Act, 1974

65. The West Bengal Tanks (Acquisition of Irrigation Rights) Act, 1974

66. The West Bengal Vaccination Act, 1973

67. The West Bengal WorkMen’s House Rent Allowance Act, 1974

68. The Calcutta Metropolitan Water and Sanitation Authority Act, 1966

69. The Calcutta Tramways Company (Taking Over of Management) Act, 1967

70. The Indian Red Cross Society (Bengal Branch) (Validation) Act, 1964

71. The West Bengal Acquisition and Settlement of Homestead Land Act, 1969

72. The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education Act, 1963

73. The West Bengal Cold Storage (Licensing and Regulation) Act, 1966

74. The West Bengal Comprehensive Area Development Act, 1974

75. The West Bengal Corneal Grafting Act, 1965

76. The West Bengal Fisheries (Requisition and Acquisition) Act, 1965

77. The West Bengal Highways Act, 1964

78. The West Bengal Homoeopathic System of Medicine Act, 1963

79. The West Bengal Land-Revenue and Cess (Apportionment) Act, 1963

80. The West Bengal Mining Settlements (Health and Welfare) Act, 1964

81. The West Bengal Non-Trading Corporations Act, 1965

82. The West Bengal Payment of Subsistence Allowance Act, 1969

83. The West Bengal Shops and Establishments Act, 1963

84. The West Bengal Traffic Regulation Act, 1965

85. The West Bengal Utilisation of Land for Production of Food Crops Act, 1969

86. The West Bengal Warehouses Act, 1963

87. The West Bengal Zilla Parishads Act, 1963

88. The Bengal Official Language Act, 1961

89. The Bengal Public Demands Recovery (Validation of Certificates and Notices) Act, 1961

91. The Howrah Improvement Act, 1956

91a. West Bengal Premises Tenancy Act, 1956

92. The Paschim Banga Ayurvedic System of Medicine Act, 1961

93. The Prohibition of Smoking In Passenger Vehicles Act, 1953

94. The West Bengal Agricultural Lands and Fisheries (Acquisition and Resettlement) Act, 1958

95. The West Bengal Alienation of Land (Regulation) Act, 1960

96. The West Bengal Anti-Profiteering Act, 1958

97. The West Bengal Development Corporation Act, 1954

99. The West Bengal Gambling and Prize Competitions Act, 1957

100. The West Bengal Home Guards Act, 1962

101. The West Bengal Irrigation (Imposition of water Rate for Damodar Valley Corporation Water) Act, 1958

102. The West Bengal Khadi and Village Industries Board Act, 1959

104. The West Bengal Lifts and Escalators Act, 1955

105. The West Bengal Livestock Improvement Act, 1954

106. The West Bengal Panchayat Act, 1957

107. The West Bengal Preservation of Historical Monuments and Objects and Excavation of Archaeological Sites Act, 1957

108. The West Bengal Public Land (Eviction of Unauthorised Occupants) Act, 1962

109. The West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961

110. The West Bengal Standards of Weights and Measures (Enforcement) Act, 1958

111. The West Bengal Veterinary Practitioners Act, 1960

112. The West Bengal Wild Life Preservation Act, 1959

113. The Bengal Touts Act, 1942

114. The Bengal Vagrancy Act, 1943

115. The West Bengal Animal Slaughter Control Act, 1950

116. The West Bengal Clinical Establishments Act, 1950

117. The West Bengal Drugs (Control) Act, 1950

118. The West Bengal Evacuee Property Act, 1951

119. The West Bengal Fire Services Act, 1950

120. The West Bengal Land Development and Planning Act, 1948

121. The West Bengal National Volunteer Force Act, 1949

122. The West Bengal Police Act, 1952

123. The Bengal Excise Act, 1909

124. The Bengal Excise (Amendment) Act, 2012

125. The Bengal Wakf Act, 1934

126. The Calcutta Survey Act, 1887

127. The Bengal, Agra and Assam Civil Courts Act, 1887

127A. The Bengal, Agra and Assam Civil Courts (West Bengal Amendment) Act, 2000

128. The Bengal Waterways Act, 1934

129. The Bengal Opium Smoking Act, 1932

130. The Bengal Nurses Act, 1934

132. The Bengal Excise Act, 1909

133. The Bengal Ferries Act, 1885

134. The Bengal Muhammadan Marriages and Divorces Registration Act, 1876

135. The Bengal Public Demands Recovery Act, 1913

136. The Bengal Survey Act, 1875

137. The Bengal Tramways Act, 1883

138. The Calcutta Police Act, 1898

139. The Calcutta Port Act, 1890

140. The Howrah Bridge Act, 1926

141. The Land Acquisition Act, 1894

142. The Presidency Small Cause Courts Act, 1882

143. The Presidency-Towns Insolvency Act, 1909

144. The Sundarbans Act, 1905

145. The Rabindra Bharati Act, 1981

146. The West Bengal Mazdoor, Tindal, Loader, Godownman and other Workers

147. The Vidyasagar University Act, 1981

148. The North Bengal University Act, 1981

149. The Kolkata Thika Tenancy (Acquisition and Regulation) Act, 1981

150. The Kalyani University Act, 1981

151. The Jadavpur University Act, 1981

152. The Burdwan University Act, 1981

153. The Berhampore Electric Supply Company Limited (Undertaking) Acquisition Act, 1981

154. The Barakar Electric Supply Installations Acquisition Act, 1981

155. The Sadar and Subdivisional Hospitals Act, 1955

156. The R. G. Kar Medical College and Hospital Act, 1958

157. The Kolkata Municipal Corporation Act, 1980

158. The Hoogly River Bridge Act, 1969

159. The Calcutta University Act, 1979

160. The Calcutta Tramways Company (Acquisition of Undertaking) Act, 1976

161. The Calcutta Sheriff’s Act, 1948

162. The Calcutta National Medical College and Hospital Act, 1967

163. The Calcutta High Court (Jurisdictional Limits) Act, 1919

164. The West Bengal Right to Public Services Rules, 2013

165. The West Bengal Correctional Services Act, 1992

166. The West Bengal Prisoners’ Welfare Fund Rules, 2008

167. The Criminal Law (Industrial Areas) Amendment Act, 1942,( Bengal Act No. IV of 1942)

168. Bengal Rent Act, 1862

169. The Bengal General Clauses Act, 1899

170. The Court of Wards 1879

171. The Indian Stamp Act, 1899

172. The West Bengal Co-Operative Societies (Amendment) Act, 2010

173. The West Bengal Scheduled Castes And Scheduled Tribes (Reservation of Vacancies In Services And Posts) (Amendment) Act, 2009


Index of West Bengal Acts [PDF]

From 1793-2008 CE


West Bengal Labour Laws [Labour Department Govt of WB]

West Bengal Law Clarks Act 1997


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